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So I was having cocktails with these three chicks last night.  One is a tall 9, one is a lil spinner 8, a tall 7, and a 6.  The 8 has a serious bf who she would not cheat on and she was not Tindering.  I didnt ask the 6 anything because I dont care.  I was watching the 7 and her thumb was like left left left left left left left left left left left left..pause..left..pause..right..left..left..left..left..left..etc  In TWO WEEKS she has as many matches as I do AFTER 6 MONTHS!  The 9 got more over the weekend here than she had in the previous two months, but she lives in BFE so its not comparable. 

"The Force"

The crazy part, and what was more interesting to me than watching hot girls Tinder in the wild, was that I got more matches in the hour I was sitting with these girls than I had gotten in the previous TWO DAYS!  Girls can sense this shit.  So I decided to do an experiment.  There's a girl who I chatted up on Tinder last time she was in town a month ago but we didnt meet up AND she did not move the convo off of Tinder even though I gave her my number and tried to get hers.  While I had my hand on the 8s knee, I gave the Tinder girl my number again and told her to text me.  Within 5 mins on Tinder she responded "Ok boy" and texted me immediately!!  WTF! 

Do these lovely creatures have Midi-chlorians in their blood??

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