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Get A Girl Giggling, Turned On, & In Your Bed

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How to Use Text Game to Gain Sexual Compliance

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The girl was somewhat crazy but most girls are lol, but it was a fun experience. Basically she'd refused to suck my cock previously and so I had to run some serious game to get her compliant. By the time she came over she was sucking me off pretty much everywhere we could find a hidden spot. Taped some of it too. 

*edit* Here's a link to my blog category on how to get your dick sucked! 

hey pumpkin whats up. I got back into town yesterday mardi gras was pretty tight. Im at boxing right now but Im not doin much later if you want to kick it (1 hr 5 mins later)

like tai bo 

Ha that's cute. Well I just got out of class I duno about tonite cause I gotta get up early for yoga tomorrow n I'm a sweaty mess at the moment I went st (5 mins later)

raight to class after the gym, yum. Anyway, what are u doing tomorrow nite? I need some excitment in my life, let's get drunk n party downtown n then somewhere else if ur a good boy :) 

Aight tomorrow sounds good. Ya I busted my neck up pretty good just now gonna sit at home n nurse my pain with cold beer (2 mins later)

Oh no old man did u hurt urself? Hopefully u feel better tomorrow, or ill have to be gentle with you. (5 mins later)

If u get me a nurse outfit ill sppon feed u beer n give u spongue baths hahaha (1 min later)

Mm that might be fun. This nurse outfit would be best without any panties (1 min later)

I don't think I even own panties (4 mins later)

Ill be good n you will finally get to suck my cock. Mmm (2 mins later)

It takes a lot to earn that, you better be really really good. (3 mins later)

If ur really really good, I'll be really really bad :) 

Mm ok. But I will be sore you will have to lower your expectations my neck is REALLY sore babe lol 

Mm I like that 

I guess ill have to everything myself :) (6 mins later)

U can just sit back relax n enjoy.... 

Mm delish. Dammit Im kinda horny now! 

Me too, like really horny. 

Um I really think you need to shower n then head over. I will be a good boy (1 min later)

My gas tank is empty tho, or id come down there sportsbra sweaty shorts n all and we could have a sponge bath together. 

If I had gas I swear id be on my way, I'm very loney I've been alone for 2 whole hours n I want some attention, from u, and ill give ur sore spots some a (3 mins later)


I'm practically a doctor 

Hm Id be down for that for sure. 'k we could make this REALLY hot and you give me sexual favors for gas money ; ) (1 min later)

Please stay this horney for the next 12 hours, knowing u u will be...Id be down but no joke I don't have enough cash to by gas to cross the street I can (4 mins later)

get money from my rents tomorrow, and ill come over tomorrow whenever u want me.... to, the sexual favors is kind of hot tho. ()

Can we play pretend tomorrow I'm really into that, well actually I've never done that before but the thought of pretedning to be ur hooker just got me we (1 min later)

t no joke, 

U don't have to pay me that much, but I think that's fucking hot negociating the price of sexual acts would be fun. I could be a hooker nurse, first I fu (2 mins later)

ck u then I nurse u back to health 

Yes we're gonna do that for sure baby (2 mins later)

I'm so glad ur into it, I probably haven't been this excited about geting laid before. I'm going to put together a hooker outfit okay, and come up with a (21 mins later)

hot hooker name for me, I'm sure u have met a couple of them in your life. And hit me up and let me know when u want me to come over, the early the bett 

sty sad hooker... I do, this girl right here. Maybe I should join a support group. This is what happens when I don't take my adderall, maybe ill forget i 

er, I mean not actually early, but if its like early in the evening, we can pretend ur a married man who sleeps with hookers after he gets out of the off 

ice, I just made that up rite now. Wow I'm such a freak I'm like ashmand u must think I'm such a slutty loser, who would want to pretend to be a dirty na 

t tomorrow too. Sleep on that, and tomorrow ur going to be a hookers first john that's also named john, funny huh? 

; b Dont worry baby its totally normal to have fantasies for a girl. Ill never judge you babe I really wont I could give a FUCK (4 mins later)

But yes youre going to be my cheap lil slutty hooker tomorrow forced to do nasty sexual favors so you can pay the rent. Plus itll all be on video (4 mins later)

Putting that on video is going to cost u big. I said hooker not porn star, that's a different day (1 min later)

If porn star is your fantasy then we could maybe do it, tomorrow is my day so I pick (1 min later)

Well tell you what I dont want to waste this opportunity cuz I think this is probly going to be hot. You can look at it and if you dont like it you can erase it n we'll redo it later 

So out with video and in with everything else u said 

U can viedo it only if its taped from my computer 

That's the only way 

Eh thats probly not doable. Whatever pumpkin we'll figure it out. Have you ever got to watch yourself get fucked before (1 min later)

Yes I've taped it on my computer, see its scary knowing someone has a viedo of u. I understand why u wouldn't want me having a viedo of u having sex it m (13 mins later)

akes me nervous too. And I have to be honest I'm really excited to fuck n I think having sex with u is kind of fun cause I can let go n be crazy n u don' 

t know the same people that I kno n its kind of like a dirty secret. And anyway I kind of get nervous with all the camera, id like to let go n just be wi 

ld n crazy, but I can't do that if I think I'm going to get recorded. Just try to remeber the great sex you don't have to relive it. I know u think what ()

I said was stupid. Cause u always think I say dumb things but I'm serious about this I let u do it once and I still regret it all the time, and I want to 

just be sexy and free without any worry....please? 

Naw its not that its the whole computer thing filming something from webcam is super clumsy you cant film it right(1 min later)

I've done it on there a bunch of times and its great u just got to put it in the right place (1 min later)

Ok babe thats totally fine. No camera or any of that just wild n free 

Im going to wack off now 

Mmm ya. You kno what we should do we should meet at a bar that would be hot n then u can take me home and maybe I can suck ur dick while ur driving home, (23 mins later)

I might like that after some shots. And ill dress really really hot n everyone will so jealous of u. I can look really hot when I want to 

: ) yes you can. 'k Ill let you play with my stick while I drive (14 mins later)

If all the elements come together I will be so impressed, if everthing works out I make u do this everyweekend (18 mins later)


I can make anything happen baby. Itll work out perfect (2 mins later)

And pick a bar wuth good parking and tell me some name ideas before I go over there. You can make anything happen,really ? Must be nice, I'm the opposite (4 mins later)

, I make everythin worst@ 

Did u think about fucking me when u whacked off earlier (3 mins later)

Yes you were in there (1 min later)

k your name will be something like hooker emma. Or candy. Or slut candy. I like those (49 mins later)

I don't want to be called emma at all thatsnot very creative give me a name like london dupri or something ghetto(4 mins later)

I just want to call you slut and make you do random naughty stuff. But yes you can have a proper hooker name as well (59 mins later)

Call me whatever u want daddy, I went to yoga tthis morning so that I'm ready for my slutty tasks tonite (7 hrs 42 mins later)

Good girl. Get that lil mouth of yours ready its got some work to do tonight (4 hrs 17 mins later)

Blehhh if I'm nice enough to such a thing don't expect me to much outta me unless u got ur wallet ready haha. We need to get drunk first, then shit will (1 hr 59 mins later)

go down haha 

Im driving girl Im not getting blasted at a bar then driving (2 mins later)

Your little hooker ass is gonna do what I say 

And that means youre getting a mouth full of cock while I drive you lil slut 

Hahaha, well then I will be shit faced :) 

Ill have a shot or 2 dont worry it will be fun I can make shit go down fun (1 min later)

If u want me to do what u say, I should be under the influence, that's the only way I can hold back the bitch 

U better. 

Hey so what's the deal when do u want to meet u, I have hella stuff to do tomorrow so I can't be out late (2 hrs 44 mins later)

Ya thats cool I will let your lil cum covered slutty ass out of here not too late. Maybe Ill kick you out like a good little whore. We'll do 6 get ready n Ill tell you what bar to meet me at (2 mins later)

Ew haha okay 

Ok perfect come here we're gonna have some shots then go to a bar in northpark (1 min later)

Oh wow look at u with all those plans n shit 

Yup I know how to rock this shit. Whats your outfit gonna be you little skank (2 mins later)

I don't kno all my clothes are to expensive to be for a hooker (11 mins later)

Fuck no. There are plenty of hookers tryin to be classy. They still suck dick for shots and dollar bills tho (1 min later)

Omg (3 mins later)

Oh ya 

U would kno 

Mhmm. This aint my first time turning a young hooker out dont worry I know what Im doing you are in good hands little skank (2 mins later)

I'm going to need to get drunk rite now before I'm down with the slutty names ill be over there in like 40min (18 mins later)

Er less, depending on traffic


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Haha nice. Pretty hilarious.
Haha nice. Pretty hilarious. Have you fucked her before?

"These girls aren't going to harass themselves" - Some Cunt

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Ya I'd banged her. She cried
Ya I'd banged her. She cried the first time I fucked her, then she came. Was.. a really strange turn-on for some reason lol

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Joined: 05/11/2012
What happened after with this
What happened after with this chick? I mean after you banged her?
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Who cares.. J/k.. she stole
Who cares..

J/k.. she stole my shorts

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Lol. I meant 'coz this is one
Lol. I meant 'coz this is one of those things where i would be like "oh fuck, this girl is gonna get clingy" and probably bail.

Wondered if she became like this or you just banged her regularly or what?
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No dude, that's your problem
No dude, that's your problem not mine, "Stage 5 clinger" and all that jazz is a lack of personal boundaries. That's an irrational fear of yours because you allow it to continue it doesnt have any bearing in my life.

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So you've never had a girl
So you've never had a girl get clingy afterwards then? Or start being like "why are you ignoring me" blah blah etc?
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Sure, but who cares.
Sure, but who cares.

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It doesn't affect you AT ALL?
It doesn't affect you AT ALL? Not even if it starts to get really creepy or weird or if she starts showing up to places you're at etc..
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Joined: 01/18/2012
No dude. It effects you
No dude. It effects you because you are a allowing it, and you need to stop. Cut that shit out.

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So you just blatantly ignore
So you just blatantly ignore it? Surely having some chick stalk you is pretty rough... And yeah, i wanna cut it out but i need to know HOW.
Joined: 04/20/2012
I get what you both are
I get what you both are saying. I understand both sides. It can kinda be gross when you know a chick is going to start being needy. Big turn off. If they show neediness during or before sexy time its a boner killer. My gf of only a few months stalked the fuck out of me when I broke up with her. Its was annoying as fuck. Late night calls, text message rapes, drama with friends, etc. The works. She sent flowers randomly to my mom, sister and grandma. Expensive flowers. I got caught up in her drama...

Eventually I said fuck it, I wasn't going to allow her shit to disturb me emotionally. So I just ignored her. Late night phone call? "LOL crazy bitch" *Ignore phone call* Its really as simple as that.

And if you scared BEFORE she becomes needy then as manwhore says thats an irrational fear of something that doesn't even exist. And even if she does become needy after you fuck her so good.. who cares. if she is super attracted and wants to be with you set up boundaries and qualifiers and if she doesn't meet them then fuck her.. not in the good way. Just ignore her and live your life. Don't let that shit enter your brain.

If its bad straight up tell her "your being weird and needy, stop calling me several times a day and maybe ill see you again. till then shut the fuck up" done.
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Thanks man, really appreciate
Thanks man, really appreciate the advice. Anyone else?