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I like me some deadpan style of amoging from time to time, for maximus hilarious assholus factor. It's very subtle but hits hard and makes you look like a fun, lovable dick.

My buddy was born with a slight birth defect that required him to have a bar in his chest growing up. He's almost died from asthma multiple times, the last one being 3 years ago in Vegas after the first RSD World Summit lol. Anyways I remember him having a major problem with a job he was doing, he was really frustrated, and as he walks off he remarks that he can't figure out why something isn't working right. I say, "It's probably 'cuz of the bar in your chest."

We didn't stop laughing from the sheer assholeness of that for at least a minute.

My lil military princess back in the day I hit her with something very similar when she told me how she was in a car crash where she was the only one bleeding. I look at her "Oh... so you started your period?" Hilarious. She laughed and I'm pretty sure that's when she decided she wanted to bang me ;)

My buddy Konstantine was having a problem the other night with something, I was like, "Is it because you're Vietnamese."

But ya I like to craft something super generic about them that they can't get away from and then blame it for some minor calamity they're facing.

A nice "You're so Alpha bro." works for a variety of situations as well.

This works really well on chicks obviously. Insert any kind of generic female characteristic like their inability to drive, do math, or anything spatially related, and you have a winner. Or call them out on being a whore for something completely unrelated to sex.

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Re: A FAV amog/hilarity tactic
Hahaha. Whenever something is wrong with someone I tell them "Must be AIDS". Or make the reason any other funny thing that recently happened to them.

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Re: A FAV amog/hilarity tactic
awesome, will in-cooperate into lifee.