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Approached this kind of slutty looking 18 year old at the mall while she was with her Mom.  Mom was loving me, girl was kind of nervous.  After about 5 minutes of talking to both of them, the girl opened up and started laughing and participating in the conversation more.

I told her I'd like to take her out to coffee sometime, so we exchanged numbers.  She and her mom are both born and raised Vegas locals.  They said they LOVE vegas, and they walk the strip at night for exercise.  The Mom guessed I was 22, which is off by 7 years... I didn't say anything though, because I didn't want to cockblock myself.

Me: Here's my super cool non-iphone text message ;p

It was nice meeting you


Girl - 2 mins later: hi David, I forgive you for your unsuitable android message


Me - 18 mins later: Thanks for not letting it get between us... Come September 10 I may be forgiving other Android too

Me: Lol what's your schedule like today?

Girl - 1 hr 7 mins later: looks like I will be walking with my mother tonight. how about yourself? and what's your last name so I can put your full name in my phone?

Me - 43 mins later: I'm hanging out with friends at Wynn for a bit, and then going food hunting!

Me: My last name is XXXX. What's yours?

Girl - 21 mins later: Sounds like fun, and my last name is XXXX

Me - 33 mins later: Cool, saved

Me: Glad I hugged you earlier. At my convenience store run, somebody in line told me I smelled nice. Thanks for that ;)

Girl: as are you

Girl - 1 min later: I'm glad I smelt nice and it rubbed off!

Me - 7 mins later: Yeah your scent made my neighbor in line surprisingly happy. Whatever it is, I'm wearing it from now on.

Girl - 1 min later: it's Victoria's Secret, love. hope you enjoyed it

Me - 11 mins later: Absolutely. So how down are you for coffee and a walk of our own?

Girl - 3 mins later: well my moms really protective of me, so she kinda has to get to know anyone I hangout with. so the chances of her letting me go to coffee with you alone are

Girl: slim to none.

Me - 4 mins later: Your mom can come too, but make sure her Starbucks order doesn't embarrass me

Girl - 1 min later: how is that?

Me - 8 mins later: Kidding hun. Your mom doesn't seem like the type to have 18 different special requests with her coffee order lol

Girl - 2 mins later: Starbucks is our specialty hahaha

Me - 6 mins later: Perfect, you can translate the sizes into real words like "small" and "big"

Me - 1 min later: None of this "venti" business haha

Girl - 2 mins later: tall small

grande medium

vente large

Girl: trente bigger than large (for obese people)

Me - 3 mins later: Cool next time I order I will pull up this secret decoder text

Girl - 1 min later: glad to be of assistance

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Way too polite dude. She

Way too polite dude. She dismissed you with that mom text. Lots of people make the mistake of being too polite as soon as they think there's a parental unit around. Big mistake 


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