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Me: Something sexy
Me: Sexy
Girl: You back
Me - 50 mins later: What are you doin tonight
Girl - 5 mins later: Work 5- close
Girl: :(
Girl - 9 mins later: What u doing
Me - 24 mins later: Studying...
Me - 6 mins later: What's your schedule like this week
Girl - 4 mins later: Aw ..i work Thurs night and Friday and Saturday.. And have classes tomorrow and Thurs
Me - 2 hrs 5 mins later: Cool... let's grab coffee tomorrow after class.
Girl - 38 mins later: Sure what time?
Me - 47 mins later: 3pm
Girl - 3 hrs 31 mins later: Okie dokie
Me - 17 hrs 19 mins later: Finishing late lunch. Ethiopian... :)

Let's meet at coffee house Drinkwater and McDowell at 3

Girl - 8 mins later: Haha you're obsessed with that place but so I didn't do this outline I needed to do for one of my classes so im thinking I should just do that before I g
Girl - 1 min later: o out gallivanting haha :/
Me - 26 mins later: If you have an outline to do, I have studying to do. Bring it to coffee bean
Girl - 23 mins later: Good idea
Girl - 6 mins later: I'm still at schooltho just got out of class
Me - 8 mins later: Cool, I'm running late too. I'm at sprouts. This song on the loud speakers reminds me of califronication :)
Me - 43 mins later: Just arrived. Where you at
Girl - 4 mins later: Finishing this outline. I don't think I am gonna be able to make it its harder than I thought. Meet me tomorrow at school
Girl - 28 mins later: Don't hate me
Me: Haha, why would I hate you
Me - 47 mins later: ...
Girl: Hahaha sorry because we didn't hangout!!
Me - 10 mins later: It's kool
Me: :)
Girl: Haha is it though... Lol
Joined: 04/27/2012
19 year old hottie from SCC
Great initial interaction with 19 year old hottie. She was laughing half the time. Having fun. Moved her to the cafeteria. Had fun with the friend. Got her number. Said I'm going to text you something sexy. Then I did. She said you back.

As she's leaving she said we've got to hang out sometime... Things went well. I got pretty emotional when she flaked. Much less than in the past. I meet new girls fairly regularly. Not sure what to do at this point with this girl.
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I think everything here is
I think everything here is good to go, you obviously were already doing something and she just didn't happen to be able to make it. You didn't lose any value or anything like that. I think it's kind of strange her "Girl: Haha is it though... Lol", almost like she's trying to project onto you that it bothers you she didn't show. But I would just ignore and casually persist to the meetup. Figure out what she has in mind for meeting up tomorrow at school, you want to make sure it makes sense for you to show up. E.g. you can't be following her around on a wild goose chase, only for her to just stop answering her texts on a whim. Girls are like that, I suspect this one is definitely like that. So if she says meet up with me at 1ish, have a plan for something you'd already be doing there around that time, like studying or just getting lunch, so it's not a complete waste of your time and you don't look like a cockface if you show up and she doesn't meet up. Make sense?

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Joined: 04/27/2012
Really appreciate you manwhore! Totally makes sense... It's probably past the time when we'd meet up at school. Not texting her today... Behind the scenes I was got emotional about this crap. It did bother me. She seemed so into me. And I made the mistake of telling some people about her so there was extra emotional involvement for me. I'll casually text her some time. I hope that not texting won't be interpreted as I was hurt by her not showing up...

I think I'm going to take the case that I am doing well with hot women. It's just a matter of approaching A LOT. That's what I'm doing. Just approach, approach approach. Keep my frame that I'm alright, I don't need her... And this is what it looks like just before I become a pimp.
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Honestly- you played that SO
Honestly- you played that SO FUCKING WELL man...

Theo nly part of the entire thing I thought was weird was when she goes, "Haha is it though... Lol".... that's weird man- nothing to be concerned about but she's obviously used to guys caring and is projecting that onto you

It also means that if you hold your frame and remain relaxed and chill about everything (like you are)- you're gonna be so fucking golden with this chick

I actually interpret that as her brain being a bit fried... like... "Why doesn't he care... what's going on... all the OTHER guys always care.. wait what.. ahhhhh"

haha just remain chill and this is golden bro.

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Thanks buddagame! I had it
Thanks buddagame! I had it that I suck at text game. I'll stop thinking that. I think you're right.

I'm just at where I'm at. I didn't text her at all since then... The meet up she suggested was yesterday.

Not sure at this point what I'll re engage with... Any thoughts?
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I see this way differently.
I see this way differently. She flakes and doesn't bother to tell you until after you asked her where she is? To me it just sounds like she had no intention of showing up and is a pussy for not letting you know. And then you tell her that it's okay and you're not mad, but that's very dumb in my opinion because you're just reinforcing her poor behavior... Next time try to get her to pick you up. That way if she flakes it's no skin off your back.

As for going forward, you can hit her up if you want but I just don't see it happening at this point. Best bet is to invite her out to a party you're at or something and hit on her when she arrives.

Oh and stop being emotionally invested in stuff like this. It's very minor stuff that isnt deserving of your energy. I was there so I know what it's like but you've got to snap out of it and focus on what's important, which is yourself. Manwhore is really good at showing the door, you gotta step through.

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Me: What are you doin tonight
Girl - 13 mins later: Working wbu
Me - 7 mins later: Kidnapping you and going to vegas
Girl - 6 mins later: Hahaha oh really now
Me: Yep.
Girl - 2 mins later: I don't know if my manager will underatand
Me - 14 mins later: Ah... too bad you can't come
Girl - 55 mins later: Haha boo you whore go another weekend ;p
Me - 6 days 19 hrs later: Headed to four seasons for lunch. Free?
Girl - 2 hrs 58 mins later: Haha would love to have to finish last school thing though
Me - 6 days 18 hrs later: I'm at LGO with some cool friends... come over
Me - 10 hrs 31 mins later: What are you doin right now
Girl - 33 mins later: Work come say hi
Girl - 19 mins later: The herb box market
Me - 20 hrs 39 mins later: Happy hour at the yard
Girl - 49 mins later: Working come visit me loser
Girl: Its a block away from the mall
Me - 3 hrs 55 mins later: Invite me over
Girl - 2 mins later: What
Me - 1 min later: Let's get ice cream
Girl - 26 mins later: Haha where
Me: Sugar bowl
Girl - 31 mins later: I just left work a block away from that place
Me - 20 mins later: Irrelevant
Me - 31 mins later: ...
Girl - 2 hrs 13 mins later: Haha relevent
Me - 1 week 1 day later: Good morning. Breakfast LGO 8:30
Me - 2 days 7 hrs later: Hey goofy girl
Girl - 8 mins later: Hiiii haha
Me - 6 mins later: ;) what are you doing right now
Girl - 3 mins later: Shopping! Ha wbu
Me - 1 min later: Fuckin around... meet me for dessert at sprinkles
Me - 7 mins later: Sgo goofball
Me - 6 mins later: ...
Me - 14 mins later: Hello, it's your turn to talk ya whore
Me - 3 mins later: #JK
Girl: Haha im still shopping and work at 530 :/
Girl: And so full:(
Me - 9 mins later: Cool, invite me
Girl - 7 mins later: Haha next timeee I just left!!
Me - 1 min later: I meant to your work you little shit
Me - 1 hr 1 min later: Hellllo
Girl - 24 mins later: Sure haha cone
Me - 5 mins later: Thx for.the invite. I'm in vegas. Come here tonight
Me - 22 mins later: #JK
Girl - 2 mins later: Haha I was like uhhh
Me: ;-) you're kinda cute fir such a little shit
Me - 1 day 18 hrs later: Let's go to happy hr at stingray this evening

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Okay so the single biggest

Okay so the single biggest thing that's going to help raise your meetup percentage is this:


The very frist thing you do here is go, "Hey what's up".... DERPIDIDERP

Go to almost any text convo I've ever had- notice how I'm saying something awesome right off the bat. I don't wait for her to engage, I don't wait for shit. I just say something random/funny/awesome that is entirely adding value and asking for nothing in exchange. 

Then you vibe off that for one or two texts (when you get on point you won't even have to vibe afterwards) and THEN go for the meetup text. 

But don't go for the meetup when they just gave you an iod or something... agh I feel like I've said all this so many times before


It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great- Manwhore

"Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am, Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary, Looks down, is erect, or bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest, Looking with side-curved head curious what will come next, Both in and out of the game and watching and wondering at it."

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@jJeff, you're right.  Saw

@jJeff, you're right.  Saw this girl last week.  It was so on unter I was lame about the no call no show.  How do you suggest I stick up for myself on that one.

@Buddha, awesome...  Thank you.  Have some examples?

Went to her work and talked to her.  She was being super testy whenever I said something flattering to her like nice ass.  She said several times, I have a boyfriend...  This was so on at first.  Not a big deal, be nice to have sex with her, she's close to a 10