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19 y/o. No ''legit'' work experience. How to get a job?

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Nothing to do with my life until August/September (When i go back to school). Need some sort of income.

Now, in all honesty. I don't plan on focusing on my career too much until i'm a little older. I'm not a ''nice things'' guy, but i need some sort of income and the experience will be usefull later on in life.

My current priority in life is mastering my social skills just to get that out of the way.

I just want to pimp hard in my 20s and then focus on making big money later, so for now a basic job works. (Minimum wage is a lot in Norway)

I'm not planning on getting married or into a relationship for the next few years and since my parents are divorced and i live with my mom and my 13 y/o brother, it would be cool for me to stay at home and not move out for a few years to help my mom out with stuff and make sure my brother doesn't end up being a 17 year old video game addicted chode like i was (thanks dad).

What to put in my application/cv that will make me stand out?

I have no work experience like i said (documented, i have done deeds for people for money).

I'm obviously not nervous around people, not afraid of challenges and being under pressure motivates me to go harder. (Inner game is pretty much on point), but it's clearly not what they care about, or something i can present through a traditional norwegian ''søknad'' where i explain why i feel this job suits me.

They also don't really hire ''sloppy'' looking people here, especially at malls and shit (which is where i would <3 to work for now).

I'm tall, white, sharp looking, so that's not a problem, but i'm not exactly a 5'6 blonde cutie, which is like what you see in every single store these days.

What would your strategies be?

I'm sure i can smash interviews easily, but it's not exactly easy to get to the point of one when you have no experience and you're just a random guy going against people from the employeers network/social circle.

pls help

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Y'all norwegians are lazy as

Y'all norwegians are lazy as fuck man. Get a shitty job and work your way up. If some swedish kids with no previous work experience can get a job in norway, then why shouldnt you?

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2 things. 1 This is not

2 things.


This is not Rsdnation I see you doing Massive Trolling up there. This forum is geared toward Achiever, there a lot of badass here. Check yourself.


[...] Inner game is pretty much on point [...] No it's not. Otherwise your topics will be nonexistent.

Your answer is in this 2 points:

1 Stop doing useless shit like a pur faggot.

2 And figure out your inner game you got a lot of ressources here and on MW website. Your road will declare herself by handling that.

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You should be able to get a

You should be able to get a job very simply dude. Had a buddy from India with ZERO work experience get a job selling shoes at the mall. No reason why you can't get a job holmes. It's all about your attitude 'n such. Walk in there and ask if they're hiring, fill out an app either on the spot or leave with it and come back when it's finished, ask for a manager and hand it in to them personally. 


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You should look for a job

You should look for a job where you interact with people like a grocery store opposed to a laboring job like working in a warehouse. This way you can work on social skills at the same time. I'm around he same age as you, and I've been working at the deli section of a grocery store for the last few months. It really forces me to be friendly and personable even when I'm not exactly in the mood lol

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Rael wrote: 2 things. 1 This

Rael wrote:
2 things.


This is not Rsdnation I see you doing Massive Trolling up there.

LOL, this ''spagheddy aka. damon salvatore fanboy'' reputation will stay with me forever, don't you PUA guys have anything else to do than think about me. I have a passion for getting keyboard jockeys heated.

To everyone else.

Yes. I was always thinking of getting a social job. Deal with custommers.

I've changed my strategy yesterday and started mass applying everywhere.

I too know indian guys who barely speak the language and get jobs.