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Hey dudes,

1st post here. I wanted to just put up a few of my text convos from this weekend to give some examples of my text game. I think it's a little boring, but for the most part it gets the job done. I usually just try to arrange a meet-up or phone them after a few texts. If the meetup doesn't work, I tend to waste A LOT of time. Thus, I end up having contact with these girls for a few months with nothing really developing.

Open to suggestions.

Oh and I've had a broken ankle for the last two months. Crutches make bar scenes and physical escalation a little tougher (not impossible though)

Sara POF

I met this girl a LONG time ago through POF. I think we went on 2 dates. Madeout a bit the second time, but nothing really went down. I got busy and didn’t make as much effort. I’ve made another attempt to reconnect, but didn’t get anywhere. That was a month ago, this is the second time.

Oh, and I deleted all my numbers by accident and had to msg her on FB for it.

Her: 12:01 AM - Ey you it's Sara's phone, mucho importante so you should save it
Me: 12:33 AM- muy bueno chica
Me: (a few days later) 1:49 PM -Facebook says it's your birthday. Or maybe it was yesterday. EitHer: way, happy birthday
Her: 1:50 PM -It was yesterday haha thank you :)
Me: 1:52 PM -Popular day for being born. My twin friends had theirs too.
Me: 1:53 PM -9 months ago, must have been a good occasion
Her: 1:53 PM - Oh? I've never known anyone with that birthday hah
Her: 1:53 PM - New Years? Haha
Me: 1:55 PM - Haha I guess so.
Me: 1:55 PM - Have a good bday? Get a good haul of presents?
Her: 1:57 PM - meh, I don't care for my birthday, have had a bad streak of em, and nope not a single present hah
Me: 2:04 PM -Well that's a bummer. Maybe start celebrating half birthday instead.
Me: 2:05 PM - I'll buy you a coffee or tea and claim the only present giving.
Her: 2:17 PM - Haha maybe eh. Haha aww :P
Me: (2 days later) 11:19 AM -Is it weird to go for steak on Thanksgiving?
Her: 11:20 AM -Not in the slightest
Me: 11:22 AM - Good. Although would've done it anyways cause I'm so rebelous.
Me: 11:22 AM - Or is it hipster?
Her: 11:23 AM - Nowadays it's hipster, definitely
Me: 11:48 AM - Finally, I'm cool. But without trying to be.
Me: 11:49 AM - Having dinner with the family tonight?
Her: 12:14 PM - Haha, nice. Probably, Sunday is our family day regardless so we usually dine togetHer:
Me: 1:01 PM - Right on. Well if you're free I propose we grab that coffee/tea this week. I'm free Monday and Wednesday.


I actually met this one a year ago in SE Asia, she had a bf at the time, but is single now and has moved to my city. I’ve done a terrible job sealing the deal. It’s been like a year. It basically exemplifies how inefficient my game is/was over the last year. So much spinning of the wheels with very little results to show.
Got her in my bed once, but had serious LMR and didn’t close. She has a 10 body and I definitely want to play with her boobies again.
Me: How's the first few days of school treating ya?!

Her: Harsh reality. And its guna be a full workload! Starting now i have no life for the next 9 months ha.
How r u?
Me: Ahhh that sounds like no fun. I still need to hear about Indo, so you've got to make some free time :)
Her: I'm decent. I'm sooo ready to get out of this boot and walk around like a normal person
Me: Ya we'll have to try and go for coffee or something.
Her: Ya when u think u get it off?
Me: Yea for sure. Are you in town for the long wknd? I'm back at the docs on Tuesday. Hopefully I can start putting weight on it and walking
Her: Yup im here, work fri and sat day. But have lots of homeworlk already :(
Her: Ya best not to push it tho, want it to heal properly.
Me: (a few days later) Well Fuck me. we'll have to get hot chocolate. It's freezing outside.
Her: Haha yes i know the snow this am did not please me.
Me (today): Hey Alaina! Hope your not studying too much this wknd
Her: Haha..well so far i havent been. But i do need to do some, i have a test this week.
Happy thanksgiving, how r u?
Me: Haha right on. I was at a bbq last night and everyone hd to leave early to study. Keeners. I'm not bad, just took a bath to soak my foot. Feels awesome.
Me:Got a thanksgiving dinner tonight?
Her: Nice, foot feeling any better?
Her: Ya my gf oinvited me over. U?
Me: It feels pretty good. Docs on Tuesday. I'm really hoping it's healing properly. I'm going out with my sister for steak Haha.
Me: If you're free we should hang out this week. Maybe OJs for 1/2 price wine on Thursday
Her: Oh that will be fun.
Her: That sunds great, but my test is fri am at 8 so donrt think drinking the night before would be a good idea ha.
Me: Hmmm ya probably not the best timing. Lol
Her: Maybe the week after or something!
Me: Sounds good.

Random Hot Twin

Some random girl this weekend. She was with her twin sister who my roomie got the number of. Double date with twins????

Me: Always know I was drunk the night before if I was talking about development. It was cool meeting you.
Her: Haha it's a good indicator! Great meeting you as well, hope the foot heals up quick
Me: (next day) Is it weird to go for steak on Thanksgiving?


Banged this girl on the 3rd date. This one probably doesn't need to be put up as it closed already.

Her: 11:34 PM - Tomorrow works for me I work Monday
Me: 2:22 AM - Just DD my crazy drunk ass friends. I'm surprised no one went out the Window.
Me: 2:23 AM - Tomorrow sounds good. I have dinner with my sister, but free for the rest of the day
Her: (next day) 10:55 AM - I honestly thought that you had dinner yesterday. I actually have to go see my niece during the day today so I was thinking of more this evening :( maybe we could hangout Tuesday night? Sorry I haven't been to see her inso long or else I would just bail but my brother would be really upset it I did.
Me: 11:00 AM - Ahhh bummer. We were gonna have dinner last night, but she had the cancel. No worries about seeing your niece. Family first.
Me: 11:00 AM - Tuesday sounds good. I've got my doctors during the day, so maybe I'll even be allowed to walk.
Her: 11:09 AM - So did you have a good Saturday night even though your friends tried to escape out of your car :p
Me: 11:12 AM - Hahaha oh man. There's probably so much garbage, pizza, and other destruction in that vehicle. Definitely have to clean it before my mom gets it back.
Me: 11:13 AM - Saturday was pretty decent. We were at Cowboys and the place was packed. Not good for gimps
Her: 11:14 AM - Haha that's funny my friends also got stupidly drunk before I got to the bar I was only there for an hour before they had they went home. Cowboys is fun you can't be much of a dance with your leg :p
Me: 11:18 AM - Yea, it was a bit of a drag. I ended up chilling in the very back. My friends were ADD big time.
Me: 11:18 AM - Haha seems to be a common theme. Where were ya last night?
Her: 11:27 AM - We actually went to the unicorn well my friends went I just met up with them after the concert. They were already very drunk when I got there.
Her: 11:29 AM - Then they spent a good 30minuets trying to put ice cubes down my shirt because they are 12 apparently.

POF Hottie with ADD

Smokeshow from POF. This one has been on going for a while. Another example of me spinning my wheels. I run into her a bunch because we both party a lot. Most of the time has been with my broken ankle and I’m not sure how to escalate with crutches.

She has huge ADD and is really non responsive to texts. I usually just phone her with better results.

Me: (a few days ago) 2:40 PM - Just saw the lineup for Pure. Looks Purdy sick. Wish I was going, but I think I'm going to armin van buurin on Sunday.
Me: 2:44 PM - Haha was just googling "pure Edmonton" and the first thing that comes up is a gay dance event. I was really confused
Her: 4:02 PM - Lol pure isn't till this weekend
Me: 4:49 PM - Yea. Looks like it's sold out and I have thanksgiving dinner with my sis. Too bad I cause I have some sweet white clothes.
Her: 5:03 PM - Ahhh yeah hey!
Me: (today, 4 days later) 1:22 PM - My roommate was just dressed in all pink. Not quite all white, but reminded me of Pure. Got your white?
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Re: 1st post. A few of my convos
Hey Fred, these convos are great examples of what not to do. Thanks for sharing. Saying things like 'Well...' and 'If you're free' etc. to me it just sounds weak and honestly the way I communicate now is just from reading manwhores LR's and his coaching and his examples on the site. I'm now all about the less you say, the better.

Basically drop the 'Well if you're free' attitude. That sounds needy as shit when I look back at it and it is sad that I would say shit like that. I mean even as recent as a couple months ago I told some girl I wanted to bang 'Well when you're free, text me and we'll hang out'. Ew, so noob.

Also I don't say 'Haha' anymore, I instead say 'Ha.' I like this and it's really more realistic.

I'll reword some of your stuff:

'Haha I guess so.' becomes 'Ha.'
'Well that's a bummer. Maybe start celebrating half birthday instead.' becomes 'Bummer. Celebrate your half bday. First shot is on me.' lol your coffee/tea is fail. LOL she gave you an 'aww' oh god this is great (friend zone).
Actually that first convo is so bad it's a great example of what never to do. You keep asking her questions about what you should do. But wait, you're 'rebelous' which is incorrect spelling (rebellious). She knows you want to ask her out so I don't know why you keep delaying it, then you finally drop the ask out with the coffee/tea this which is just gay as hell and obviously she doesn't respond. Fags go for coffee/tea dates. Seriously, that is so gay and I'm pretty gay just ask Jon.

I give up.

"Why do faggots always got to kiss the girl?"

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Re: 1st post. A few of my convos
^^ Yes the man is gay

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Re: 1st post. A few of my convos
Jeff - thanks for the input.

I see what you mean with the “Well if you’re free attitude”. I’ve tried to get away from it, but it’s clearly still there. At some point I was on the opposite end of the spectrum – had a few girls tell me it “felt like I was demanding that we meet up at my convenience”. Probably need to find a happy medium between the two.

I see that fuck loads of Q’s were asked in that first convo (needy, value leeching????, etc.). Other than just cutting out all the extra shit and just going for the meetup, how would you recommend keeping some dialogue? Would you?

The same goes for the last convo. Needy as fuck.

Gonna read up around here and get some better ideas