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Joined: 03/31/2012
As most of you guys know I have been struggling a lot with getting day 2s. In addition to that I was on a plateau for about a month, which was the longest since April 2011. I knew that I was doing something wrong, maybe I was missing a little point, which fucks me up all the time.

Around two weeks ago, I tried to empathy girls emotions because there was a dilemma that needs to be solved. I have great sets all the time, however as soon as I leave the set, it just dies. I started thinking;

What do they feel when I approach?
More importantly what do they feel when I leave the set?

At this point I realised that as soon as I leave, no matter how good the interaction is, girls start rationalising it;

"I am a slut"
"He is gonna rape me"
"I don't even know him"
"I bet he approaches girls all the time"
"He will rape me, kill me blah blah blah...."

To be honest we all know what kind of a world we are living in. So can you actually blame a girl for having these kind of thoughts? Probably no. Also I realised that as a result of me having a extremely hectic life, my mind focuses on having short interactions and just getting the numbers. She doesn't even experience me within this time period so what in the inevitable result? FLAKE!!!!

I decided to change my mindset and started focusing on instant dates, or holding the set as long as I can. Fuck the numbers, the purpose is to approach and get the girl there and then. Last week I met this hot blonde on the street, invited her for a coffee and we ended up interacting for over 2 hours. At the end I got her number and left. On new years eve I sent her a simple "Happy new year blah blah" text and didn't even do anything till thursday. I was thinking what to text on thursday but my mind went empty. I was like fuck it, lets call her (on a side note, I am not a native English speaker and for some reason my speaking is pretty sick, but my writing sucks lol). We chatted for a bit and I arranged the date for Friday (yesterday). I am actually quite good about establishing the attraction during the date and 9 out of 10, my second dates end with a lay. After spending two hours with her, we were in my bed. This morning I heard her speaking on the phone (I pretended that I was sleeping lol). She was like "Omg he was so hot, we spent the night together, we had great sex blah blah...". I was like yeah baby, I am coming back!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that this is my first day 2 in the last 5-6 months. I was completely dependent on one night stands. It was so frustrating that I was thinking to give up day game. However the key point is I DIDNT GIVE UP!!! I wasn't scared of my mistakes, instead I chose to face with them. And guys sometimes the difference between success and fail is so thin that one little tweak changes your life dramatically. Its almost like playing golf. If you hit the ball on the precise point, you have a successful shot. If you hit the ball only 1mm away from the precise point, it just goes 10 meters away from the target. Believe it or not our life is exactly the same. So just don't give up, just fight with your fears, go against your sticking points. Trust me at the end you will be the WINNER...
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Re: 2013 started pretty sweet....
Awesome dude!

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Joined: 03/31/2012
Re: 2013 started pretty sweet....
Thanks man, more to come up shortly ;)
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Re: 2013 started pretty sweet....
good stuff mate, are you based in England? I'm based in London myself.
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Re: 2013 started pretty sweet....
Yeah I live close to Wimbledon. PM sent ;)