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DAY 21: Came Back with Fresh Eyes after 6 week break
- Jon's basic message to me was "if your going to do this, do it 100%" stop this half assed shit.

. I got some confidence the confidence to believe what i was doing was right . It gave me the reason go 100% belief in. . . --Jon said " you have enough to get laid just from that .." from the drills i just did
-- i am total boss - 10 minutes after i get into the bar, i create a 4 wing man group. this is after nearly 6 weeks of not going out. - me and my henchmen are led into sets by me.
-- ridicolously positive & happy: every girl i talk to "she wants my dick",. . I escalate so quickly stopping everyone an escalating quickly. This is my game.

-- i go up to this one chick ,am so loud,i could sense her "hindbrain" getting attracted. she was uninterested when i first opened her.

-i made a rule tonight: if a set is lukewarm, go up to her and makeout, dont leave it hanging, - get blown out. I am 'abandoning' perfect good sets that are still open. This persistence "play to win" will need to be developed this week. I Have Made three goals a) become that unhitibited do not give a fuck b) do the drills c) PLay to win ( not ego) play to get laid
-. I could have gotten laid last night, more potent from a 6 week rest like katalyst lol
- i open one with "you look like half black', shes polish, i tell her i like saurakraut and i like sausages.( could have gone into date planner drill ) i lean back stand tall. A champ would look no taller . though I realized i opened hard then i start to get into this frame "chatting her up" instead at this point, i needed to grab her hand take her dancing, establish that dominance over her, either emotionally telling her/ push-pulling her/ or physicalling doing something. instead what i did was i would basically turn it into normal conversation - i feel her attraction turning into "oh, hes just a normal chode". WHat i was reminded was "tyler grabbing a girl by the back of the neck" and forcing her to make out this is kind of "dominance" i felt i could have brought.
most other sets i bail early:
- another set two set sitting down her friend keeps giving me the eye but my wing has weirded them out or something so i bail in stead of walking around and trying for the blonde.
- a hot girl i approached by the door, i go for the makeout in 10 seconds , at the taco food stand, shes asking me to buy her a taco, i thought it might have been a shit test so i bail instead i realize it could have been a way for her to get to know me. I could have chatted her a bit. I dont know why i get so protective lol
- a girl i see her sittng at the bar, i open so loud tell her, i am drug dealer and does she was cocaine. I see her all night eyeing me.
- i sometimes get fluttered when a girl i openis more receptive to my friend - its the fact that i am not communicting loudly enough or strongly enough with conviction that is causing her to not talk to me with interest.

-not playing to win, ur playing to protect the ego. reopen sets many times. try to talk to sets that you "think" are done.
- go all out 100% do not give a fuck. be Unhibited do your game.
- in the first 5 minutes, you need to create that dominance frame otherwise it turns into chode version. dominant or plough
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Re: 21 DAYS
K you need to make the decision before going out "I'm going to fuck tonight." Your skill set is done. You're cooked. Now pull and fuck. You don't have to worry about " developing your skills".

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Re: 21 DAYS
Manwhore;1506.9833;5 wrote:
K you need to make the decision before going out "I'm going to fuck tonight." Your skill set is done. You're cooked. Now pull and fuck. You don't have to worry about " developing your skills".

Jon this is exatly what i needed to needed to hear last night, but just 4 hours too late as my night just ended when i got this. Damn this time difference lol

Day 20: MASSIVE Momentum is building up

the last time i did the 30 day challenge, i basically burned myself out because i went out alot without a purpose and without alot of sleep and by the end of it i was just so exhausted i couldn't continue. I took a page from Kataysts thread where he trimmed his workout routine from 7 days to 4 days and making sure i was more rested, more healthy.
. this one 2 sets, i see her on the corner, ask her if shes a basktelball player, she giggles, i am on her like a hounddog, and after some chit chat - i command her me and u and u and ur friend should get some drinks at this bar i know that way. so we walk together into fat baby at this point , arm around the shoulder squeeze in. lukewarm resistence. then i try holding her hand, again some resistence
tall good looking indian dude starts talking to my chick and for a second there i shut down because she seems into him and in my head the voice of fear starts telling me "she likes him more, hes got better hair looks and height" but i was too on fire tonight, i but into their conversation mid sentence and start reading out the list of drink menu choices so loud without making eye contact with the dude and as he turns i immediately pull her towards the bar with my wing. and back towards him.. I realized at that point, and again realize all these thoughts "he's better than me" are all in my head. i am more conscious now of this thinking.
truth is - this gave me evidence - its all in my head - i just ripped her away from him lol, This Hestiation caused by an other guy is just an imagination in my head .
WHy is this significant to me is that- it brings me closer to "enforcing" my frame. that is what i define as an alpha who enforces his frame. my frame was i expected her to hang with me. This is so alpha.
truth is i wasn't allowing her dictate the frame. this is real power. i was treating her like a little kid. i was dominating emotionally , where as my "frame" was coming off higher value because i was treating her like a kid, second frame is i am the authority tonality the loudness. the third thing was i was just pushing having this "dickless" amount of fun basically i got myself into a social value giving no outcome state. and not pinging myself off of her.
when i am into these sets , i can tell from my public speaking classes , how i appear when i am confident. when in these sets - the girls seem more spellbound and their body language turns more towards me as time expires. I am keenly aware of how i am communicating . literally it sounds like me being loud and doing a public speaking course presentation to these girls lol, i love it.
I need to step up more, I have everything in my aresonal, i need to believe i have enough and stop holding myself back. I can communicate like an authoriative leader now. its time to start turning that into results now..