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A few lay reports that i've been holding on to. I really wanted to write this out in a way that is both beneficial to me and anyone who reads it. Did some pretty crazy things that really pushed my boundaries.

Lay Report

April 13th.

Friend is staying in vegas for a few weeks and it being my birthday he invited me to stay with him for the weekend. I drive out to vegas after work and get there at around 9:30 driving from LA. Take a quick shower and head to Omnia at around 10:30. Get into the club and we start doing our thing opening sets and trying to let go and just have fun. The first time I had gone to vegas I was very ego driven. Very bad mindset I wanted to come to vegas and get laid my first time there. I was there to prove something….to who i don't know. All my interactions where so robotic and I failed miserably. Actually funny is after that weekend I started researching pick up training and stumbled on to this place. So I really wanted to focus on letting go and being in the moment and just have fun and let that presence build momentum.

Early in the night sets are going well and hooking but they're just not escalating past that social hook point. I haven't let go, have not lost my filter. Still judging what's coming out of my mouth and thinking to much. At this point a ran into a little luck and had a  really cute girl come open me. Very physical and rapidly escalating and it pops me completely outta my head. We have some great banter before she runs off. I didn't want to chase her if I run into her again cool but now i want to have fun.

From there i'm starting to have a great time and losing the filter. Next thing I know I see this beautiful latina. Great body olive skin. Wearing this one piece dress that’s just barely going past her ass. I open by grabbing both her hands as she is waving them in the air. Very smooth. I turn her around and she grinds her perfectly shaped little ass on me. Then pushes me off. I can tell she turned on and ready to go. I grab her by the elbow pull her in and push her up against the wall and start make out with her. I slip my hand inside her dress and she is got no underwear on.

Now this girl spoke no english as I was just about to find out. She was talking to me in spanish and all I understood was the word mas haha. At this point I slide her a few feet away while the friends, there where 3 of them are being occupied by my wing. This was just enough for me to start to lead her out the club. So as we get to the exit she resists leaving. Ok im thinking this is tricky I got to find a bathroom or something  too bad at omnia the security all over the bathrooms and its only 12:30 so lines to the bathroom are still pretty long. What i realized after was simply I had not built enough compliance to pull her out the club so early, it had still been less than 5 minutes since i opened her.

I do couple things really well here. As im taking here around the club to try and find any possible place to fuck her, I am stopping allowing us both to grope each other and build up that tension instead of just dragging her around the club and letting the tension die down. At some point as were walking I have her infront of me and put her hand inside my pants while we are walking. Lol this was a little awkward since its like grinding and walking and she has her and inside my pants but it was great boners are really your best tool in set.

This time I just drag her out the club, probably another 5 minutes after my last attempt and I get a little token resistance. I look her in the eyes and very dominantley but still very smoothly pull her outside. From there i lead the to the lobby bathroom and walk right into a stall and fuck her. Lead her back to the club.

Now if this night wasnt crazy enough its still pretty early maybe 1 am. I start to do some lobby game and see this guy pulling with a couple of girls. He is having trouble one is into him and the friend is not really stopping him but he’s not leading and there just kinda hanging out in the lobby. I go in and open the friend who is the hotter of the two. Tall, blonde, curly hair, she is a personal trainer from minnesota. Such a great body in her black dress with a slit that opens all the way up side of her leg.

At this point im completely free in my expression and I go and start leading. They want to go to a strip club. I say what are they waiting for and pull them out the caesars. We head to saphire strip club and they want 50 bucks cover each. Me and the two girls are say fuck that but dude says he wants to go in and will pay for the group. I thought this was funny. It felt a little odd having this dude keep paying for me...he paid for the SUV ride to the club then for the covers then for a table. I haven't talked to him at all just been shooting the shit with my girl, but I guess he decided that he would spend any amount of money to get laid. After some time at the strip club we head to the girls hotel room.

At this point ive been doing some escalating on my girl massaging her thighs and grabbing her ass. Once we get to there room she gets into bed where there are two other girls there already sleeping. And here is where i fucked up. I stood there she hadnt asked me to leave but with two other girls in the bed already I didnt go for it. In them moment i had read it as no from her. Looking back it I should have gotten in bed next to her and just started escalating.  

April 20th.

Head out to Hollywood with a friend and near the end of the night I see this girl a block ahead of us. Great ass I am just watching that ass. Its 2 am but there is one bar that stays open til 4. Thats where everyone is headed. I catch up and open her. She stops looks at me and says something that she needs to catch up to her friends but squeezes my hand. The good ole hand squeeze there may not be a bigger green light then that. As soon as we catch up to her friends I pull her in look her in the eyes and lean in. She tries to kiss me and I pull back and this drives her nuts. Next thing i know she jumps up and is trying to eat my mouth off. Turns around grabs my hands and places them on her tits. This girl was a freak. These kinda sets are a little lucky in that attraction is there so quickly that I guess you dont have to do a lot of game but it was 2 am and i had been opening sets all night. I was loose and present and no filter and expressing myself so freely is the sweet spot where this kinda thing happens. She introduces me to her friends who actually happen to be her brother and his friends. We get into the bar and its on. We are dancing and i start to finger her. She is so turned on I pull her to a corner. Then she reaches into my pants and pulls out my dick. At this point ive actually been here before - cool im getting a hand job. But then she picks her leg up and slides her panties to the side. Right on the corner of the dance floor. I get my cock inside her and a few thrusts in its not really comfortable for either of us...POSITION WISE lol so we head to another corner and try there but again its just not working out since she was too short. We hang out for a bit and we to her brothers place and I close her there. How did i deal with the brother friends? In the club i didnt have to since i was leading her away from them so they werent really insight.Eventually we hung out a bit and vibed over growing up in the same small town in northern california. The brother was gay and so I do feel that helped - she didnt feel judged by him and he didnt judge her for me coming back with them.

May 11th

If the previous two lays reports seemed easy this one was anything but. Again out in hollywood with a couple of friends. After hitting up the first venue that was disappointing in both quality and quantity we head to the second venue. I usually like to go out early around 10 I like to be at the venue. Was  a little delayed here and didnt get there til 11 and didnt do any sets frankly I didnt see anything attractive. We didnt get to the next venue til 12 and I still hadnt opened a set. Which leads me to my next point. Ive been doing no fap and anecdotally it helps me tremendously. Not just in cold approach but really with being more present. I am more grounded and I walk around with a sense of purpose and an aura that seems to be magnetic. This coupled with the vocals and eye contact ive built through those two drill absolutely melts people. Its the craziest thing ive ever experienced. I bring this up because despite not doing my first set so late in the night without much momentum, i had only gone out once in the last two weeks, sets where just sticking to me.

First set i open, I see this beautiful girl on the dance floor. I walk up behind her and totally in the moment lean in with one side of my chest on her shoulder. Introduce myself and jump into the crazy date drill. She loves it but i can tell this the kinda girl who needs more push than pull. So i bring her in and tell her I hate her as I bring her in for a hug. She tells me she is a cam girl. I tell her thats hot. Another sign a girl is really into you is intimidation. She cant hold eye contact without getting flustered and looking away. We banter and i through some negs her way. She eats it all up. She is grinding on me and grabs my hand and puts it on her tits. Squeezes my cock. She was gaming me at this point. LOL she was actually fracturnating better then most guys do. She would one second be rubbing her tits on me then pull back. Then grab my dick and pull back. I just sat back and total hot guy blaze. Acting like nothing was happening and letting her do her thing. She then asks me for my #. About 25 minutes into the set she tells her friend to get in between us. Here i wasnt worried because when i opened her friends tried to cock block but i kept her focused on me and she then waved them off. Here she went into talk to her friend and then the friend got in between us. Cool im completely unreactive as they all walk away.

Next membroable set was with this hot blonde. I was actually trying to get my friend open since he was stifled. I go in hard after he wont open really just trying to prove a point. Hand on her arm then wave her in she comes in close and i run my hand down to the small of her back and she is given me the biggest puppy eyes. I fuck up but it was tough since her friend was pulling her from the other side. It was tough because the dance floor was pretty chaotic and i couldn't really get to the friend to let her know how i felt about the way she was acting.  Still I tell my girl that even though I know she is leaving to give me her # and ill text her. She loved it and start to give me the #. When one of her guy friends get in her grill and gives her a sarcastic thumbs up. Unbelievable how beta some guys are. I can see in her eyes that shes not comfortable and tell her ill see her in a bit. I feel like i hit a really high level of communication here. Im guessing this is what Jon means when referring to tolle as Jedi mind tricks. When youre so in the moment it felt like being on Acid, you can just read other person's emotions so well.

Next set was this girl i had been eyeing all night but had hesitated since she was hanging out with a dude who i assumed was her bf  but this time it just so happend that we where walking towards each other and our eyes meet and I just say hey. No physical open because she is walking with the guy. She responds with hey but again its just a much deeper level of communication. They immediately hold hands haha damn i guess im being pretty intentful. I ask her where she is from and she says Jordan. I tell her where I am palestinian and she gets a huge grin on her face. Asks me if i speak arabic and we start speaking in arabic. She lets go of her bfs hand and he just sort of fades into the background. State goes all the way down and is silent as me and her talk in arabic. I ask her how do they know each other and he answers he is her bf. Cool this girl was a stunner she was getting opened left and right. I actually cut her off mid sentence and tell  her it was nice to meet her. She didnt like this i could just read it in her sub coms she took it as a rejection. In hindsight i should have continued to vibe she… she was going with it only talking to me in arabic while her guy didnt speak arabic. I should have discreetly went for the #. Im not a homewrecker but given the opportunity in the future id go for it.

Later on i see my first set and grab her and she giddy to see me. We again start talking and asks me how bad i want to fuck her. I tell her like a 3/10 haha. She does her best escalate on me and then asks again i say 4/10.

I go to move her around but she wont move and I tell her she doesnt have to only if she wants to and that i am fine either way. She wasnt gonna let her be isolated yet so I said this to make it seem like it was fine with me. Not sure if it good or bad. Didn't seem to make a difference.

Here things get insanely chaotic. My friend had tried to wing me but he got blown out by one of the friends. One of the girls insistently cockblocking as I am dealing with her the Jordanian girl starts to escalate on my girl. My gut was telling me that she was jealous or mad at me. I could be wrong but again my sense where on point all night and thats the sense i got.

This bitch is making out with my girl which again im fine with. Im actually enjoying it. High value game. I lean back against the bar shoot the shit with my boys. Now this girl is pulling my girl to her dude and there having a threeway make out. LMAO took a lot of restraint but outside im still playing it cool. My boy picked on something really well here. He kept telling me to that they wouldnt pull her since the girl is doing all the leading and that guy is to passive.

Now i did go in before that while she was still just dancing with  the girl but she chose the girl. So i just chilled back. It was a shit show from there very messy but i got her attention back on me for a minute and told her that i was gonna punish her, pulled her hair and choking up against a wall. Jordanian girl comes in to take her but but i grab her by the elbow. Got my girl under my left arm and the grabbing the jordanian with the right. I just say hi habibty. Which is like hi sweety in arabic. She again then asks me if am going to to take care of the girl. I just say of course and she left us alone after that.

As soon as that happens the cock blocky friend is literally body blocking me now. Jesus fucking christ. I just pick up my girl walk out the front door with her. Her friends dont follow  and i take her home and proceed to punish her as promised ;).

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LR 2

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Great work broski. Glad you

Great work broski. 

Glad you not only posted the LR, but also the example where you fell short. I had something really similar this weekend. Was walking with my girl and her friends back to their car (she was the DD... driver not tits) and there was this little army of chodes with them. My girl tells all of her friends they are leaving and to get in, I hesitated for just a second on jumping in, which then allowed me to get matched up with the chodes and them to just say no boys coming with us and drive off. Stupid mistake, but ive quickly learned it’s those little moments that separate the 1%ers from the guys who can’t close. Should have jumped in, told her she was driving us to Taco Bell, then ate my quesorito and her enchilada. Ah well, lesson learned, viva la revolution 

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Lay Report May 19 So in

Lay Report

May 19

So in the spirit of ramadan i told myself i was gonna take a little bit of break from pick up to work on some other things. That lasted about 12 hours before i was too horny to continue. So I start hitting up dead #s with a simple Text.

Skittles or M&Ms (thank you text thread)

1 girl responds with

We banter a little and I send her a pic. Continue bantering and all of a sudden we she brings up international movies and how they filled with sex scenes -----> This literally means she has sex on her mind its just my job not to screw it up.

I tell her those are my favorite and we are gonna watch 5 of them back to back. Get her logistics and meet her at a bar thats closed. Pull her back to my place and put on the movie Nymphomanaic. Its a french movie thats got a sex scene like every 5 minutes. Escalate and close.

Pretty simple here most of the work was done over text. Like recognizing she was out for dick after a sent her the pic. It was just about keeping it casual and not thinking that i had to actually have the drink waste time. When a girl wants to fuck she wont come out and say that she is down to just come over but she really doesn't want to get dressed up and go on a date. Make it easy keep it casual no need to send funny witty texts. Just get logistics and and meet up.

Lay Report

May 25

Headout to weho with a buddy. Feeling pretty loose from the get go. First set is a super hot latina. Open while walking and she is all smiles. Something that's become incredibly apparent to me over the last few months is just how physical you can be early in the interactions and how it increases your chances of success incredibly. Its so high value.

As soon as she smiles I throw my arm up over her shoulder and walk with. She is giving me a positive reaction. Cool had she not its simple no big deal instantly back up a little and keep talking. But since she did give me a positive reaction that a green light to keep going. So i pick her up and start carrying her. Probably 10 seconds into the interaction. Eventually # close the whole set was about 2 minutes. I didn't want to go into the bar they were headed too.

I don't believe this was good game. It's too flash and its putting too much pressure on the girl in my opinion. It was my first set and i did mostly to just get myself in the zone and to just to set the tone for the night.

Im feeling pretty ballzy and want to open a dancer at the abbey. One of the hottest ive ever seen dance there. Nice round ass with big tits. Eventually she gets off stage and i open but she has bf. Set did hook however.

Later on wing opens up a hot two set and they're instantly hooked. I come in and take the friend. We did this really well as we separated them and instead of a large four set of people its two separate sets which allows us to game the both separately. This set was definitely down both had high buying temp but we were headed in opposite directions and we just fuck it up by not staying with them.

As i'm walking up the street i open the next set with a loud hey and again instantly put my arm around her. Basically that's how i open 90% of my sets these days. Either with a hug or throw my arm around them. If they pull back i move back simple. This girl was receptive and I just start holding her hand and walking with her. She says she is going home. “I can't go home with you i'm shy” Such a great line. I walk her to her car and press her up against the car very dominante. This was really good spike. All the physical so far has been sensual and lovey dovey. She wasn't ready for that spike and it definitely turned her on. I just grind my dick on her and then she turns around. She is like what's going on...I give statement of empathy… I know this is so crazy. She says Who are you. I know i have here. We start making out and after some shit tests which I pass she says I want to sit on your face. I say lets get in the car. She gives some resistance so i start fingering her over her pants. She is really turned but still can see that the logic mind is battling the emotional mind. I want to sit on your face vs we just met. So i just ramp up the tension by teasing pulling back on kisses. Pulling her hair. Eventually she tells me to get into the car and we go back to my place. No resistance once we are there.


May 27th

Matched with a girl on tinder about a month ago but she lives in the valley, about 30 minutes outside LA so logistics haven't been great. She hits me up and wants to meet up but she needs a ride. I say fuck it i don't have much else going on.

Pick her up pleasantly surprised she looks better then her pics. Probably a 7 in pics and a 7.5 in person. Latina with some nice big tits and a round ass. She is 19 so we can get drinks and my plan all along is just to meet up and fuck her in the car. I take her to the mall just to walk around and build some comfort. I escaleate on her but she kinda timid. Eventually we find a place to sit and i ask to see pics of her on her phone since her cover pic on the phone is of her looking really hot. She says no but get her to unlock it and snatch it out her hand. I start looking - im doing this all very playful and the entire date has been through a very playful push vibe. She has some pics of her in lingerie. She then asks to see my pics. I say know she is gonna judge me.

This lites her up and now she is basically begging me to see. I say how she won't like it. Just building it up. Then i show her a thumbnail of me getting a blowjob. She acts like omg dirty but i can tell she likes it. Eventually i shower some of my sex tapes and she is getting turned on and starts showing some videos of her playing with herself.

We doing this at a boba shop. This totally got her out of her shell and we start swapping sex stories as we head back to my place.

Get to my place escalate lots of resistance. Eventually get her pants off only to find a pad. I decide to dry hump her anyway and come on her jeans which are half way down her legs.

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Its a little disingenuous. I

Its a little disingenuous. I am only doing write ups of times where i am having success that being said i've gone out 6 nights in the last four weeks and pulled a girl on 3 of those nights. I’d like to write out those other nights going forward as I am sure thats where most of the learning is not in the successful nights