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Please see this post for background:

I texted this girl at 9 pm after no response since 12. And it spirals down hill from there...

Me: (9 pm) What a beatiful day we had for november today, too bad I spent most of it in traffic

Her: Lol I need to talk to you

Me: Okay what's up

Me: Did ya knock it out of the park again

Her: Eh 87

Me: Eh good enough right?

Her: Could be better

Me: Can't beat yourself up over every point or you'd be like me and have a 3.8

Me: I want to see you again

Her: I don't know if it's a good idea

Me: How are the kiddies you babysit

Her: Why are you ignoring what I said

Me: I think it's a great idea derr

Her: I don't know what I want

Her: I need to think

Me: I think we have all sorts of compatabilities

Me: That we've yet to really talk on

Her: Oh yea?

Me: Yes

Me: And it doesn't hurt that you're my type physically...a great combo

Her: What do you mean

Me: In reference to what?

Her: Never mind

Me: I want to put you in a highchair and put on sesame street for you so you stop thinking so much

Her: Wtf you're crazy lol

Me: Loll

Me: Do you like the movies

Her: I don't think it's going to work ou

Me: How'd you get your grade back so fast for this test

Her: My teacher graded tehm right away while we started another chapter...why you ignoring me

Me: I'm pretty sure its going to work out

Her: I feel otherwise

Her: No offense but you were kinda mean to me

Me: What?

Her: Just things you said But you were like clueless of what you were saying/doing

Me: You mean my jokes?

Me: Or when I said you finally took that thing off because I was so happy to see your body

Her: Yea

Me: It wasn't a diss to the lovely sweater, it's a compliment to your body

Her: No not that

Me: It's cool, I'll have to keep searching the tinder sphere, but they'll likely not be as cool as you

Her: Ok...

Her: Good luck

Me: Wait no, what else was a problem

Me: Trying to call you a baby and saying you looked good in that light

Me: I remember you saying that you didn't want to leave after

Me: I need to work on my compliments it's been a while 

Me: Tbh

Me: But I mean well

Her: To be honest you came off aggressive, It was more stressful then fun...something was off and I didn't feel complimented I felt like you were observing my every move instead of enjoying the first date...And you just came on kinda strong with the kissing 5 minutes into knowing you...Then putting my hand on your dick ike no thanks

Me: Lets meet up to study this weekend it will be a more relaxed atmosphere

Her: lmao

Me: Let's just not put this to bed. Well keep chatting and tak it from there. Can you agree to that

Her: No becuase I don't want to lead you on 

Me: Plus we have those hawt pics to add a story to

Me: You are so dam mature for your age

Her: Okay lol

Me: I still think we were having a nice convo today until I brough up the race with sneakers and then you got cold hmmm haha

No answer since...I want to send a reengagement text tomorrow not sure what to lead with. It sounds bad but I feel like this ain't totally closed for business 

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Buyers remorse. Congruence

Buyers remorse. Congruence test. Sexual shit test. 

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Lol he fumbled the ball then

Lol he fumbled the ball then tripped over it landed on his face. Ha! 


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Oh dude... no. Give this one

Oh dude... no. Give this one a break for a bit. You're just digging a deeper and deeper grave at this point.

I'm no expert at text game but here's a few things I noticed:

First, you kept trying to schedule the date the very next text after she said she'd have to get back to you. Gotta let it breathe for at least a couple texts.

You told her you went on a disastrous date... Seriously? There goes any chance of you being viewed as a ladies man. This is like going to a job interview and telling them you hated the previous company you worked for. You might be able to get away with this in person IF it was a really funny story where you got catfished or something but none of that can be properly conveyed over text. Instead, you say you'd rather not talk about it... this just makes you sound butt hurt about it.

After that it gets real boring. This is where it really started going off the rails. It's all rapport, too serious, some fun but no sexual vibe. Reads almost like brother sister texts. Exam this, exam that. Do you really care about her exam? Cuz I don't. lol I'm assuming this is why she started to get the bf vibe. Too much small talk with no man to woman vibe.

Not posing any kind of challenge that I can see. I'm surprised she showed up for the date.

Then it gets kinda funny. Arguing back and forth is not the way to go. lol. I've fucked up dates like this before but I nevered argued back and forth this much. Came off sounding desparate as fuck. Need to be qualifying a lot more.

If you're going to argue at least try to turn it around on her or go over the top and turn it into an emotional spike.

But, yeah def leave this one for now and hit up some other chickas.

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Joined: 04/02/2015
Buyers remorse. Congruence

Buyers remorse. Congruence test. Sexual shit test. 

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Kimnasty what do you mean by

Kimnasty what do you mean by vulnerability game

The critics talking about before the date stuff I'll take it but it's the post date stuff I'm really worried about b/c the date could have gone better yea but she showed up and we were getting sexual. Think I'll give up talking to this chick but want to prevent this from happening in the future. 

i think she reason I was giving off that bf vibe is because I thought she was giving me a vibe like she wanted a relationship with all her calling me a sweetie and bs in the pre-date texts and her talking about how she wanted to cut my hair on the date (she works in a salon) and she wanted me to help her study for her test. could it be the bish is just a psycho

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That was fucking awful,

That was fucking awful, man.

Not only did you end up chasing, you weren't just jogging after her you were sprinting.

Then, you caved in on your frame so hard. You even qualified her after she didn't take the bait when you told her you were going to keep looking around on Tinder. What were you thinking?

Not trying to be tough on you, but this is the best way to learn and this is how I picked this shit up fast. Tough love.

In all honesty, you got weirdly gamey.. I don't even know how to describe it. On top of that, it gets needy.. so needy + weirdly gamey = creepy as fuck.

Lay off, get other girls for a bit then hit her up after you build some abundance, improve your inner game a bit and next time play it way better. Way... fucking... better.

It was just a giant shit test that you failed. I think you can come back to it later.

For now, take the advice given from everyone and re-read it until you memorize it, then start to analyze the advice until you get it.


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AP_Grappler wrote: In all

AP_Grappler wrote:

In all honesty, you got weirdly gamey.. I don't even know how to describe it. On top of that, it gets needy.. so needy + weirdly gamey = creepy as fuck.

HA! My dude that is the vibe i got throughout the WHOLE convo 

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Have you understood where you

Have you understood where you went wrong?

I hope you haven't messaged her since.... at least not yet.


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Thanks forgetting back dude

Thanks for getting back dude really appreciate it. Think I understand where I went wrong and no I have not messaged her. Don't plan on doing that until I get another lay under my belt. 

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What city are you based in

What city are you based in btw?

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Don't view it as another

Don't view it as another lay.

You should be looking at it from the perspective of "I love women. I'm going to be the best version of myself and share it with as many girls as I can that I think deserve to experience me. I'm the shit so if I can hit it off with a girl who I think is also the shit, there will be nothing but good vibes." 

Mindset is where it starts, then the rest follows with the knowledge and reference experiences that you will gain. 

You got to start looking deeper. Bigger picture, it's not just sex, dude. This you becoming a man, in his prime. There's so much more to it than pounding puss. 


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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I agree 100% and I think that

I agree 100% and I think that is a reason I've beeen getting blown out. I have been getting makeouts and some feeling up but then the girls close up. It might seem like I'm just going for a lay. But I'm not sure if I should be backing off or bringing the heat in a different way. 

Also, you inspired me to number close a girl from work, she is a hottie. She agreed we should do somethign together this weekend when we were leaving together on friday and I got her number. 

I think I am going to text her today...

Do you like ice cream?

her: ofcourse/who doesn't/yes lol

me: Good! Let's go get some!/Come get some icecream with me you beautiful girl!

Me: Just hope you don't like some lame flavor that I'll have to judge you harshley for

me: personally, I'm a fan a of chocolate

her: What constitutes a lame flavor?/I'm a big sucker for cookie dough lol

Me: What's better 5 or 6?

Her: 6

me: okay meet me at cold stone in (this town) at 6 ya sexybutt

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come get icecream with me you

come get icecream with me you beautiful girl! 

seems to never not get a great response

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Or the convo might go a

Or the convo might go a little moe like this since she didn't get my number....

Do you like ice cream?

Her: who is this?

me: It's Lamar Odom looking for hookers and blow. jk what's up girl it's (my name) from work. How are ya georgous?

We do a few more texts then...

Me: Let's set up a prank on the people at work. We'll use sugary treats to fuel our mischeif. Meet me for ice cream at Xplace at Xtime. 

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Tell me what you think 

Tell me what you think