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Adult dating, 3D Sex Game, Android, 18+, Yareel

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Joined: 07/19/2017

Hey, I've been on Yareel for over a month and it's definetely my favorite android sex game out there. It works in android, browser or PC client.
In the game, players can dress up, chat, meet up with friends or randomly chosen players, seduce each other, kissing or use straight sex. There's a lot of poses not only for classic man&female (including group options like MMF, MFF or MMFF), or gay/lesbian sex.
And also a lot of stuff to customize your character such as clothes, hairs, eye collors, tits size etc... 
The game is free and you can buy everything without paying money, but you can buy a VIP or berries to give gifts to other players. It has huge international comunity (around 10 000+ people online everyday).
Link for Android version
My Special Bonus +600 coins
You get bonus for registration from this promo link (Windows version)

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PFF. Even bots are chodes now

PFF. Even bots are chodes now


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Hey idk man. They say you can

Hey idk man. They say you can customize your outfits n everything. And 600+ bonus coins? Sign me up daddy.