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This is extremely hawt. Tall, brunette, slim with vicotria secret model looks. Not kidding.

me: What's up I want to meet you

me: Well as long as you're not a loud chewer, don't think I could handle that

Okay usually I just go in with the first message. But I stacked it with the second message to throw some qualification in there and make it more hard hitting. And funny enough 50% of girls love this and also hate loud chewing, so it creates commanality. 

I actually find the sexier the girl, the more irritated they are by chewers lol. 

her: Aha I literally hate people that chew loud (laughing tearing emoji) 

me: Omg yes, can't stand it! Anyways, how's the night treating yah? 

Didn't wanna stay on this treat all night. That's what people do when the find a commanality with a hawt girl, and it's horrible haha. I just wanted to keep it casual, not too gamey, get her to invest a bit. 

her: Glad we can agree on that one. My nights been full of studying unfortuantely, so not so good! How about yours?

Bam this is good, she gave me some detail and asked me about mine. Meaning, sh'es open and receptive. But i wanna keep ramping it up for a bit:

me: Haha yah but I still need to mak sure you're not secretly a sociopath. You never know haha 

me: And studying? What program are you in. I'm just relaxing on my couch trying to find something good to watch

My two main qualifications on tinder is loud chewing and sociopath. Keeps the tables turned. 

her: Lol that's very true, you can never tell tehse days. I'm in criminal Justice program at (insert school here). ANd that sounds like a lot of fun aha

Okay things are going well here. But I don't want it to turn into a boring conversation with absolutely zero tension. So I need to mis interpret and make it fun and be challenging. Now there's a fine line, and you need to be able to shift back to cool and laconic after.

me: Haha criminal justice eh, trying to learn the in's and out's of the system so you can get away scotch free

me: You're not fooling me Stephanie ;)

her: Oh you caught me!! You're really good at reading people eh? ;)

me: Hahaah yah but as fate will have it, I'm recruiting a parner in crime, and the innocent look isn't fooling me but it will fool everyone else, you in 

Okay the idea here is to create a bubble between us and role play. But it could have been tighter. Gave myself too much to her here. And her next text shows that

her: Hm I'll have to think about it. You could just be a nark you know. Ahah

me: Well technically narcs aren't actually allowed to invite criminal activity, they're only allowed to uncover it

me Don't quote me on that haha (didn't wanna seem too serious) 

her: Okay smarty pants! (wink face) anyways I'm off to bed, early day tomorrow!! Have a good night :)

very good sign off. She seems interested. I don't wanna be back at square one tomorrow, messaging her on tinder like 50 other guys sooooo

me: Haha you too. What's your number, I'll text you tomorrow

simple clean and effortless. Also it assumes she's going to give me her number when I say - what's your number, I'll text you tomorrow. Great for compliance. It takes off the pressure 

her: number

me: Kewl ttyl :)

her: :)

holy shit she actually responded with a smiley face. Hook sinker and sexy time 

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Fuckin' beautiful. You slick

Fuckin' beautiful. You slick bastard. So well done.

I learned so much from just reading that + your reasonings behind the text. 


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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"Whats your number, ill text

"Whats your number, ill text you tomorrow", thats even a good line for DG. Next time i stop a girl, ill say this.