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I have been reading allot of text game content on this site and forum but still need help with it.

I AM GOING TO BE AS OPEN AS POSSIBLE! I want to learn from my mistakes!

Let me give you a better idea of how I got this girls number and what was going through my head while I was texting her.

With this girl, I had a small chat with here before via text, and this was a reengagement tex. She was also very responsive to my text. This is a Whatsapp Convo

I got the number from Daygame on the streets.

My aim was to get the girl to sext with me and to go out with her.

I get numbers from Daygame but most of them do not convert due to my shitty texting ability.

While I was texting her, I was overthinking (if this happens and if that happens) and had fear of her blocking me for so many reasons. For example, She does not respond etc...

So what I did is that I try to follow the guide texting and sexting guide on this website BUT I do not think I did a good job at it. What do you guys think?

I am sometimes farefull to get sexual during text because I am afraid of her blocking me. I have a feeling that if you get sexual on text it risks the girl.

I think I had the opportunity of doing something with this girl but I fucked up.

What advice can you guys give me?

I am planning on doing Manwhore Skype training as soon as I get the my finances, all good.



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Joined: 07/07/2017
Text Convo

It did not seem to go through in the first post

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Lol you have to add the whole

Lol you have to add the whole convo. Haha


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Joined: 07/07/2017
I do not know why

I have no idea why when I post the convo it does not go through!

So I made a pastebin link and pasted th convo there.

Here is the link:

​Sorry for the inconvenience

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I don't know how to use this

I don't know how to use this text thing here either... But you could have just copy paste it here and colorcode quickly... or at least make it clickable lol


"I get numbers from Daygame but most of them do not convert due to my shitty texting ability."

More solid in person interactions would definitely help...

I'm not that good in texting, so take what I say with a pinch of salt.

I think your messages come off a little bit needy. I like how you use different themes (need a nurse, things I would do to you...) from here, but the overall picture is a bit messy imo.

If you're not that good with text game, it's probably better not to make it too sexual before sex.


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