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AFOG - Female Amogging. Do you think it exists and how does it play out.

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I've been seeing some female competition dynamics play out in social circle situations - made me wonder how women compete with each other and 'outgame' each other to get the dude they want. 

I'm sure 'girl-game' does not just amount to looking hot and sexy.

There's probably a whole host of verbal/physical/emotional tactics and strategies that are at play even if they aren't consciously applying them. And to be honest, being generally more socially accute and savvy than men, I'm sure they are constantly gauging their social position.

I've seen one particular behaviour in several attractive girls who want to be the focal point of almost all social interactions. They want the topic of conversation to be applicable to them (even if it's logical stuff) and the eyes / attention to be mainly on them. If not they will just BREAK THE MOOD visibly. Like they change facial expression, their vibe, body-language and emotionally project that they need to be addressed.

After seeing this recurring in social circles -- it just starts to look a bit 'needy' and even pathetic in some cases.

Curious if you guys noticed other blatant 'female afoging' tactics haha


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Yeah there's so many it's

Yeah there's so many it's hard to quantify


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