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All I want to do is fuck, listen to techno music, and look at cat memes

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This is something I go through a lot in game, and wanted to bring it up and discuss it.  Also, it's obviously related to the whole, "Short-Term" vs. "Long-Term" mating stratgy discussion. 

Basically, I do my best with game when I'm making moves in my life. But when I get on a solid run and I'm having sex daily, and fuckin a new girl or two every week or so, I feel myself just like kind of quietly slip into this crazy complacency. 

I legitimately start to feel as if nothing in life matters. I'm in no way "depressed" just like SUPERRRRR relaxed and chill. Like I get to work, and all I wanna do is listen to techno music and look at cat memes. 

I've noticed this same thing happena  bunch in the past, and I stop doin the shit that gets me in a good place, and then this vibe wears off, and then I'm like, "Fcuk, I'm not makin moves" and the cycle starts over. 

I just need to allow myself to be in this calm, without being complacent. Be inspired to action out of legitimate desire, as opposed to whatever angst inspires me when I don't feel like this. 

Like all I want to do is fuck, listen to techno, and look at cat memes. Gawd fuckin damnit.

Joined: 11/16/2013
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All you got to do is start a

All you got to do is start a business, bro. That shit will never happen again. LOL


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