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To all you guys who've banged Chicks with Boyfriends...

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How do you handle it when she brings it up over text?

Met this girl in Whole Foods yesterday

She was digging me, and I definitely projected a sexual frame 

When I told her I was going to put my # in her phone and that we were going to shoot pool, she said "Okay!"

her: Julissa

me: Hey little troublemaker

4 hrs

me: Do u always hit on unsuspecting young men at Whole Foods*blush emoji* there was something about your smile that drew me in

her: I don't hit on anyone. I happily have a boy friend.

her: I've been very busy all day

me: Yeah been a busy day for me too...was bout to make a protein smoothie but my freezer died*emoji


me: This summer is so mild. Even compared to last year. It's because I moved here.. obviously

And this girl I hadn't talked to in almost a month

me: How's my 3rd favorite brat doing?

1 week

me: If I told you you had a hot body.. would you hold it against me?

few days

me: Hey it's Alex. Hope you survived the heat today. I'm walking around naked in my house with all the windows and blinds open to stay cool.

her: Why are you sending me so many messages?? Haha

me: Figured u proly don't get many so I'd throw ya a bone *wink

her: What??? Haha

her: And idk if you are still a studmuffin, but i have a boyfriend now haha

Obviously be more awesome than her boyfriend, but I'm curious how you guys display this over text.. by ignoring it, or by misinterpreting like..

me: That's okay you still have time to dump him. I'm not free until Saturday anyway

me: Perfect! He can make us our drinks this Saturday

me: Even more studly than before ;) sounds good you should ditch him for drinks with me this Thursday

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Every girl I banged who had a

Every girl I banged who had a Bf, there was a very strong prize frame in place. They would say stuff like, "I can't believe this this is happening." Before sex. And they would sometimes mention the Bf but in a very different way.

And typically I would ignore the fact of the Bf. Basically she's bringing it up to scare you off.


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Id play it off like you only

Id play it off like you only want to hang out as friends. Dont make it so direct that shes going to cheat on her boyfriend with you until you meet up with her.

Thats one angle among a few anyway.

EIDIT: Btw Ive never had to deal with this situation so the above advice is just from intuition.

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So look mang you did

So look mang you did this many times with the girls over the course of a couple days. You go through their frame, or around it, or ignore it and go for something where you're awesome and she's your punk.

Yes you can do this over text for sure, but mostly you do this in person and you don't even have to deal with shit like this. It's almost like.. the girls know I'm so arrogant that it doesn't matter, so they don't even bring it up, OR, they're afraid to.  

The other night I pulled a married chick from her cockblocking friends and put her through my Cocksucking 101 class then my Penile Insertion Independent Study class. She had TWO mother hens in the group. I walk up on her from the side, startle the fuck out of her then proceed to talk to her calmly while we're walking along, she's receptive and at some point very soon I put my arm around her and pull her in against me as we walk. This super entitled Mother Hen comes up and tries to take her away.. grabbing her and telling her with a pretty damn authoritative tone they're gonna go somewhere else. I pop my head up (this mother hen was actually taller than me lol) and I go "MOTHER HEN. Two minutes, please." She pretty much wilts on the spot, almost like she's experiencing physical pain, and I continue on with them to their table. A second mother hen tries to come in and a simple "Oh a SECOND mother hen, huh!" puts her on the rocks. I ignore the chode orbiter who's trying to put his arm around her while I talk to her, get her number, leave and a couple minutes later send her:

Me: It's me. Let me know if you need help ditching the mother hens. We'll hang out later (This has ended up being a pretty killer type text btw ;) You were there for the first version of it lol.) 

Girl - 21 mins later: I love the mother hens 

Girl: They go wherever I go 

Girl: Who is this anyway? 

Me - 6 mins later: That hot gay dude you were talking to 

Girl - 1 min later: Come here   

Anyway I'm texting her a bit and she tells me she's at the restroom so I figure I'll swoop in and intercept her then schwiish her out of there. I spot her and go in and as I do I see the first mother hen about to grab her, but she spots me, and the look that crosses her face is fucking awesome. It says, "I'm not going to fuck with that guy again." LOL. Anyway I walk off with her and she gets the D up in her hotel room


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@Infinity thanks man I

@Infinity thanks man I completely ignored it like you said 

@MW that's fucking awesome. That's the best way of dealing with cockblocking friends I've ever heard. Yeah I think I'm getting it, been texting her and she's falling into the right frame as I get at her from the right frame, the frame of a Boss

her: And Idk if you are still a studmuffin, but I have boyfriend now haha

me: I'm glad you're okay. you're very small and kidnappable

me: If anything like that ever happened I would kill all the bad guys.

her: *peace sign emoji, kiss emoji* thanksss

me: So what'd you do today. I almost finished my newest song

her: Are you a composer? I have two exams tomorrow, german and geomorphology

me: Technically a recording artist. But yeah I do that too. Do you do anything creative

her: Yeah i talk with rocks. They tell me about the past

me: That sounds retarded

her: Shut up! Haha

her: Why were you in las vegas for that long time?

I'm realizing more and more that I don't have to deal with whatever inane conversation the girl brings up. infact by reacting to her conversation you're fucking yourself. Always go with what you're talking about because youre the one leading.  From now on Im not about to play along with some dumb shit that's going nowhere

That's been my mistake in the past. Asking girls how they feel, or like with this chick I just instadated after she got off work at the mall... I allowed her to give me "mixed signals" because after I went in to kiss her and she got up and started darting away, I asked her what her deal was and was trying to play into what she thought 

Instead of that I need to convey to her in words what she's feeling and the fact that leaving something like the moment we were having together is a mistake, and the fact that she knew it was too.

I mean I could sense all this from her body language, she obviously liked me, but was hesitant/nervous bc of my physical overtures

All that other shit doesnt matter. You need to explain your reality to her, otherwise she could never possibly understand it, and you come off like "every other guy" trying to get in her pants-- in her mind bc that's what she defaults to without you bringing a deeper understanding to the situation

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Dude I thought it was sorta

Dude I thought it was sorta cute how she said she likes talking to rocks, but your response was GOLD, lol. She'll probably fuck you just because of that


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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Dope thread right here.

Dope thread right here. Learned some valuable and useful things I can implement here.


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