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Almost at the meet up - am I done? Tinder 20y/o blonde

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Me: Got a serious question I need you to help me settle. Why aren't you my hot date tonight?

her: most likely cause you didn't ask me *smirk*

me: yeah that might be it. 

Me: we should get ice cream as a big fuck you to this snow

her: I'll never say no to ice cream

me: *nerdy number close* 

next afternoon:

me: it's cool.

me: I didn't like your haircut anyways

her: lmao ouch

me: I'm eating your cream and it is damn good 

her: wow you didn't let me chose my own flavour eh?

her: what kind did you get me

me: mocha obviously. Some still have melted in the freezer for you. 

Me: your not a vanilla girl are you

her: lmao I'll take what I can get ;)

me: what you doing up this late

me: it's not past your bedtime 

her: I do what I want

me: big girl pants huh? come bring some more ice cream I'm watching game of thrones

her: have fun then hah

me: what's the matter with you not going to join lol

next afternoon: 

her: DAMN IT so sorry 

me: lol

her: </3 </3

me: don't worry you can make it up to me. How's your Wednesday so far

her: so far so good hbt

me: almost home finally. What you up to tnight

three hours and she was active a while ago

me: omg in so much trouble

her: bag of twizzlers make up for this one?

me: depends won't be easy. when can you deliver the goods

her: hmmm

me: No ground was gained on that response. Let me try and pick up the slack for yah dork (lol love this one, thanks Bateman?)

me: .. Yes you can come over now if your free but let me know and bring one bag of pull n peel or two bags of the regular stuff

her: hahahaha ok

me: meet me **address** and bring the twizzlers

her: where the fuck is thT 

me: geezus girl! *number*

get a text her: boo

me: sup where do you live lol

her: *25 mins away*

her: I'm new here! For school. Don't judge 

me: what school do you go to? Do you live near a subway 

me: never judge

her: Humber haha and live near .....

me: cool *directions* 

me: your getting slack cause you just got here

her: gotcha 

me: when you leaving, did you just finish school?

her: school then gym

me: atta girl. Gold star

me: well how much longer till your home 

her: haha

her: suppose I can make it snappy

her: I'll shower quick and get your twizzlers 

me: Mmm perfect none of that nib shit

her: lmao perfect 

an hour 

me: omg it's so icy out. I'll send my salters for you. Be careful beb

i sent that last one just to get an eta. Pulling out an answer has been pulling teeth this whole time. It's been an hour since I sent the last one. Am I done here and able to take a nap till she heads over or should I shoot her a call or something.

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You should just straight ask

You should just straight ask her what's up. 

It seems, for whatever reason lol, you used the "disapproval" texts off the cuff without any context behind them so she just thinks you're a cockface. So there's that, lol 


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Yeah I ended up texting with

Yeah I ended up texting with a little more then calling. Apparently her roomie cockblocked her but she's down to meet tomm

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Dammit. I called her up

Dammit. I called her up yesterday and she was expectantly shy and brief at first.. But then she still kept talking like that. Derp.. Her roommate is there with her and eventually says her roommate thinks she's a whore that she's getting "fucking cut eyes" with contempt. I said how gay it was and after a bit of back and forth she says she'll try. 15 mins go by and low and behold slut shaming ugly roomie takes over I knew they hanging up but what should I have done different? She apologizes, says her friend is nervous but she's not scared of me and sends me boobies. Awesome. That was last I heard from her. Should've asked for a reengagement, or maybe it was something I said post boobs. But I hit her up with 

me: how you spending your day off beb. I'm almostt free of this bore fest class

Radio silence, I tried calling after a couple hours and leaving a vm but she didn't have one.. Going to leave it for a day or two I gues

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You have to handle this when

You have to handle this when roommate isn't around or wrest control of situation away from this roommate.


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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So I tried to reengage this

So I tried to reengage this girl once or twice already soon after this happened. It's been about two weeks I sent her the unicorn picture mw with

me: is this you?

her: actually...

her: as a matter of fact it is

I'm having a brain fart trying to come up with something, I don't know what style to start with but assuming she remembers who it is I should be able to just push for the meet up?

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Me: how's your wknd treating

Me: how's your wknd treating you so far beb

me: where are you riding that thing tnight

her: haha who is this? 

Me: k Feds back up dancer don't you remmber, you offered me a job

me: lol what's up girl it's ice

her: ice eh?

me: p*ic of me* things got rowdy last night

her: glad you lived to tell the tale

**skipped a chunk** invited her out

me: Let me know if you need to break away from those books beb, I'm just finishing work 

me: cause this sandwich isn't going to make itself

her: hahaha ok ;)

me: how much more can your brain handle tnight

her: hmmmmm hard to say 

me: Well you have a big wknd, still need your beauty rest.. Why don't you head over for 10ish and we'll go for a drink near *the park*

was trying to think of the "playing closes soon" text, I guess I could use that if she responds like that again. Sounds like she's down to head over but needs some pushing. This is where I lost it the last time and the roommate took over 

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Is this girl just a true

Is this girl just a true blonde or what? So as far as I know I'm waiting to hear when she's leaving so I can go meet her near my place. Nothing set in stone despite my best efforts..

Me: cool just text me when you leave and I'll meet you at xxx

her: haha I'm not even ready yet 

me: It's cool beb, I'm all scrubbed out now too, when do you think your heading out

her: Do you want me to come tonight? Haha 

Me: uhh duh wasn't that the plan this whole time

me: wtf

her: I couldn't tell if you were being serious haha

Me: omg

me: Are you going to head over or am I going to have to throw your books out and kidnap you 

her: yeah I was in the shower sry

me: squeaky clean? It's cool I just needed a heads up

her: absolutely 

me: so I'll see you at xxx in a bit *not a joke

her: Hahaha if I bomb these exams that's on your conscience 

me: Lol don't worry, you'll be nice and refreshed to study tomm ;)

her: okay

me: almost rdy beb

her: yeah

me: Perfect. Text me when you get on and I'll come meet upu

her: I'm gonna be honest though. Haha I'm not in a good mood and I'm having a shitty day that's why o stayed in tonight... Tomorrow is a one year anniversary of grandma passing and I was close with the family so it's hard haha not trying to make things awkward but I don't think I'd be in the best frame of mind if I came tonight, you know? 

Me: oh babe why didn't you say so earlier

me: that's totally cool. If you want to have a few drinks or take your mind of things we can just have a chill night. If not we can make a rain check.

her: I don't want to like be sad there haha 

I planned on her not coming now. After I got ready I gave her a quick call just to say what's up and see what her schedule was like next week. 

so the first time I tried meeting up with her she was the same. I mean we're talking about what train she's taking and where I'm picking her up and she thought I was only half real about meeting up. Dafaq. I understand her headspace now but it's frustrating to deal with lol, I mean she told me she was getting ready to head over. Maybe she was going up and down with her emotions but she was like this the last time, oddly down but still flakey. 

Later that night she tells me she's going home after exams

me: on Tuesday or Wednesday?

her: This Tuesday night haha until January 11 unless I come back to my apartment over the break 

her: which I could

me: Oh lord lol. Yeah it would be nice to see you before then

her: ok haha

her: go have a good night we'll talk soon

me: lol ok beb sleep tight 

her: don't bite

me: only sometimes 

her: that's expected

her: I totally understand 

me: just when you deserve, being a bad girl or something 

her: today I was good girl but I can't decide if that was a good thing or bad thing

me: lol trains are still running 

lol. I was already out and about to pull when I sent that last one. i think I'm going to leave this today and hit her up later tnight or tomm. She's only got 2/3 more days in the city and stuffed with exams until she goes home so im not sure if I'll be able to sneak in a meetup before then. But she said she's down to come back so there is that too, just don't know how solid that is, home is far away