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Alright! Time to Start Posting Text Convo's (HERE WE GO)

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My text game has definitely taken a hit! The funny part is, you never actually think your texting is bad. I always assumed it was awesome. Well that was until MW pointed it out to me!!! 

So I'm gonna share a few recent interactions!!!! 

#1 Katie

Met her at a bar... She was walking with her friends to the dance floor.. And I rolled up and stopped her for a second... I said something along the lines of "Hey! Who are you.." We talked for a second, then her friends were pulling at her... I said lets get a drink... She obliged to my surpirse.. She was super reponsive. Very small cute girl! 

We move to the bar.. Start talking a little... I get us two shots of tequilla. Then we move against the wall.. We start kissing.. Turns out her friends are crashing at her place tonight.. Sweet....

She has to go find her freinds, and insists on putting her number in my phone.. Here's what follows! 

me: Hey!!! It's Patrick. Nice meeting yah! Did you find your lost friends haha

her: Haha I found them (angel emoji's)

her: Do you usually come to x bar

me: Hah perfect!!! Not really.. But it's kinda fun, before it gets too crowded

me: Had to leave long ago, I was dying

No response yet

I realized I made this pretty boring as fuck!!!! 

I should of said something way more awesome 

me: Not really! I usually am out fighting crime at this time, but crime decided to take the night off... 

me: But actually, I did get the bad girl vibes off you

#2 Nicole

This girl was so fucking hott! Like omg, bite into my fist becuase my heart is going to explode hott... I saw her a few times at the bar!!!! My state has built..

I see her, I go up to her and put my arm out casually and say:

me: Hey! Who are you!!!!

her: Nicole (she has a big smile and I can tell she's loving me

me: omg, Nicole is the name I hate the most!!! (I say it in a teasing way)

her: nevermind (she moves away lol)

me: Oh gawd. You know I"m teasing you eh. I know you can handle that

her: I can't (then she gets pulled away)

I see her later, and approach her more casually... Talk for a little, apologize, tell her I was just kidding.. We build a little rapport... Then I say, it would be absolutely crazy not to exchange numbers.. Her friends are pulling her away.. But she gives me her number, quite agreeably 

me: Nicole! It's Patrick.. Had to get out of that place.. Way too many ppl, I was dying.. How's your night been going

her: Sorry just saw this (next day)

me: Lol it's cool!!! But thanks for the super warm engaging text ;)

So far no response from that today... May wait a couple days... Then hit her with a classic.

me: OMG! I'm so over this whole traffic thing, soon they'll be building a freeway just for me! 

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Joined: 05/20/2013
Another girl.. I did a video

Another girl.. I did a video shoot with a couple weeks ago.. We texted a little but it died fast... This was from a few weeks ago


me: Hey it's Patrick... Awesome shooting with yah today. How's it going

her: Yeah, you too! Thanks for everything! Just got home not too long ago

me: Np I had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the final videos and pics.. To o bad you're all the way in x town now, would have been dope to have you join us tonight

her: Me too! And yeah. I would have loved to come out. NExt time :)

Next day 

me: Hah well it's all good.. I was so exhausted last night.. How are you spending the rest of ur weekend 

her: Aw. My butt is still sore from those lunges.. I just had a birthday party yesterday and meeting up with a friend today

her: What about you?

me: Haha really?! That's all it took.. We got a lot to work on 

me: KInda bummed I never played you in badminton tho. You looekd pretty good. I went to cabana yesterday. At the gym now, then dinner with friends later 

^ Okay I realized that text didn't totally incite a response. Nor was it that awesome, fun, pushing forward or masculien

A few weeks later (yesterday)

me: Yoo! Hope X town is treating you quite well... Let me know when you're gonna be in Toronto. Wuld be cool to grab some drinks

her: Hey! Nice to hear from you :). SOrry I never responded! Yeah I'll let you know when I'm in the area. I decided to give up drinking, so maybe coffee? And a walk

her: We definitely have to play badminton one day too

^She gave me a very awesome text

me: No drinking eh?! Not a bad idea, I've pretty much cut it down significantly, to once per week

me: I think I can handle wlaking with you!! You're not one of those weird faster walkers, that is alwasy on a mission, don't think I could handle that

her: That's good! Progress is better than no progress

her: And I am one of those werid fast walkers. BUt I'll slow ti down just for you

me: Hah no way could I go 100% sober. No fun in that ;)

me: Hah yeah You'll have to slow it down for me

me: I like to enjoy my ambiance 

Again, my last texts didn't really incite a response. shit! 

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Another girl.. I did a video

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Dude that texting is fucking

Dude that texting is fucking awful. You literally lost all your game. This is fucking hilarious. Who ARE you!

Hey I'm going to recommend some text game threads for you to read through, they're from an old guy on the forum that goes by Patrick.Bateman. Oh wait...


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LMFAO! I'm laughing so hard

LMFAO! I'm laughing so hard right now. WTF happened PB. It's like you're not even trying. My text game is better than that and it's partly using lines YOU came up with!!!