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Told a chick to come get some drinks and she said she’s going out to a hookah lounge with her friends and that I can come if I want. I said ok I’ll come with my friends and she said “No if you’re gonna come with your friends it’ll be better to do this another time” 

I didn’t ask why I just said to send me the address anyway, that if split up with my friends I might stop by for a few. 

Now, it’s gonna be her and like 3 girls. Why the fuck would she want me to come alone? Like think about it, more money from guys to buy more hookah and drinks, more chances to meet more guys etc. My boys are rich. I didn’t mention it obviously but come on.

All I can think of is she wants to be the only one with a man tonight and probably knows her friends are gonn block. 

Im gonna something radical and insane and go there tonight friendly and nonchalant. Make everyone laugh and then when I see a chance, execute a dominant move and pull. Perhaps come up with an excuse like “I’m gonna show her some pictures brb” 

What do you guys think? Am I getting punked. I feel I am missing something. I didn’t pick up on some shit.


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Just bring your boys anyway.

Just bring your boys anyway. Maybe don't even tell your homeys there's girls you know there. Or tell'em, whatever. But certainly don't be so beholden to a girl trying to force her plans on you. Durr 


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Joined: 01/03/2018
Lol I didn’t go got laid by

Lol I didn’t go got laid by hotter girl I been after.

I will admit I cut down A lot on my dominance because I kind of want to be smoother. Gay I know.