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Met this hot ass woman in her 30s (i'm 22) around January at the club. Danced, exchanged numbers. I got a few days later her out again but didn't F-Close due to logistical issues.

3rd time's the charm, we went bowling like 3 weeks later then I pulled her at my apartment so we could play Super Smash Bros. Did not find the game so we went to my room to "watch a movie"

We wrestled then I banged her BUT..... I went soft a few times because I got nervous lol. To make things worse I did not get to bust, but her behavior towards me did not seem to change. I dropped her off the next morning on my way to work. It's a bitch to get her out and my texting hasn't changed that much at least in terms of frequency. Being too persistent to meet up? Here's what happened after:

Me - 18 hrs 20 mins later: You want to know what i realized when i got to my room? 

Girl: What? 

Me: You made my bed 

Girl: Well, yeah. :) 

Me: - Sent meme of Kevin Durant's You da real MVP followed by "I just thought about you bleach comment on my way to work today"

Me - 5 mins later: Bring it then 

Girl - 5 mins later: Haha, I have a feeling you're not used to seeing your bed actually made! ;) 

Me - 2 mins later: Lmfao you think you're slick  

Add "by somebody else" next to that (I then sent a meme with 

Girl: You do need some bleach for real, though! 

Me - 1 min later: Who's doing the bleaching though? 

Girl: I'm not your maid! You and your roomies should flip for it 

Girl - 1 min later: I'm glad you can handle my shit talking. How was werk? 

Me - 3 mins later: Slowest 5hr shift lol i got all hungry and grumpy :p 

Me: The Habit (burger place) changed that REAL quick 

Girl - 7 mins later: Ooh, I don't want to imagine you grumpy 

Me - 3 mins later: Mhmm you would get handprints all over that butt if you act up 

Girl - 3 mins later: Oh damn, you took it there! 

Girl - 1 min later: I get super grumpy when I have low blood sugar, too. 

Me - 6 mins later: Mhmm so act right. I'm going to nap real quick, what are you doing later? 

Girl - 5 mins later: You'd better act right or I will tickle you into submission. Not sure, I'm not feeling that great, so probably studying/watching movies. :) 

Me - 8 mins later: Gtfo that move is cheap ass hell 

Me: Ok i'll hit you up later then 

Me - 2 days 22 hrs later: So i'm invading campus with Youtube pranksters in karate kid outfits, watch your back ;) 

Girl - 29 mins later: Um, okay... I'm learning about statistics, so don't be jealous 

Girl - 6 mins later: Are you wearing a karate kid uniform? 

Me - 7 mins later: Yeah not so jealous now 

Me: Mhmm just left to In N Out 

Me - 1 day 5 hrs later: I was gonna make an anal joke... butt fuck that. Did you already eat? 

Girl - 1 hr 12 mins later: Haha, that's actually pretty funny. Yes, I ate some soup earlier. I have strep throat and I feel like shit. :( headed to sleep soon. How are you? 

Me - 5 mins later: Just grabbed some Korean food (i think it is??) And going to pull an all nighter for homework... wish me luck! 

Me: Weak ass... you get sick like every other day 

Me - 6 days 19 hrs later: What's gucci sugarbutt 

Girl - 3 hrs 18 mins later: Um, Gucci is an expensive designer brand. I thought you knew... 

Me - 10 mins later: LOL no it means "what's good?" 

Girl - 3 mins later: Yeah, I know, I was just giving you crap for your hipster terminology 

Me - 3 mins later: Well... geezez i'm SO SORRY for ruining your little ingenious banter. You forgive me? 

Girl - 12 mins later: I suppose. What's Gucci with you? 

Me - 22 mins later: Got off work and about to go bowling with friends... let's kick it this week though! 

Girl - 3 mins later: Did you mention to your friends that last time you went bowling you got beat by a girl? 

Me - Meme of kid flipping off at the camera followed by "They don't know shit"

Girl - 26 mins later: You know, and that's all that matters 

Me - 2 mins later: Whatever, i call for a rematch, that was bull

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Not too sure as to why it

Not too sure as to why it seems this way but just judging by the distinct difference in her mood/vibe when you re-engaged it seemed like she was distant or maybe bothered. Could be just her being busy/working/school work. 

I would wait a bit and maybe re-engage some value? Wait for others to chime in with more experience on this than me though. Just an observation on my part.


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