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Any inner resentments and bitterness towards woman that has been holding me back

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So in my last session with John, we discovered inner resentments that has been holding me back. I would like to share with all of you what I have learned, hoping that it would be helpful to all of you.

Summary of session:
In this session, we revised the institution of patriarchy and how this has affected society, women, but moreover, me as a man. This was absolutely necessary because of some of my unwholesome actions/thoughts this past week.  The patriarchy is an artificial construct that suppresses female sexuality in order to control society. As boys we were timid, weak and born unconscious into this world. The idea of free-flowing female sexual expression is unknown to us and plays right into our fears. Given our tendencies to stay in homeostasis (as opposed to thrive), the misconceptions enforced on us such as labeling female sexuality as bad and sinful, is soothing to us. Controlling woman and “owning" their sexual desires is comforting to us, because we do not need to feel vulnerable around them anymore (e.g. losing them). Girls own me NOTHING, and I have to earn every right to have them and keep hem. 

My reactions to the girl from the airport is a manifestations of this mechanism. When I was not able to get the girl on a date, I was letting my years of built-up anger and frustration take the best of me.  I labeled the girl a “skank”. These remarks do not come from nowhere, it was probably residing inside of me for a long time. Interestingly enough, I knew sex was coming with this girl and, instead of making things happen with the best of intentions, I was fearful and chose to cover myself up by judging and insulting her. I am starting to get good with women, but at the same time harming them by judging them for who they are. This cannot go hand in hand.

I cannot blame women for my own weaknesses. No matter how many times you get your butt kicked by girls, you have to OWN everything and take responsibility. Do not become a hater to the world. That is the easy way out, but very unfulfilling in the long run. Instead, accept and love them for who they are:
"to dominate them you must first love them. To love them you must first accept them. To accept them you must not fear them.”
I have already experienced female sexuality. I know there is nothing to fear. I am portraying a behavior of a belief system that is no longer there inside of me. Meet up with them. Do not be afraid of the intimacy no longer:
"escalate based on your desires for her.” 
Feel it in your dick. Imagine her femininity, her beauty, her mystique, her sexuality. Embrace it. Explore that sexy unknown. Devour it.

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fantastic post. Would love to

fantastic post.

Would love to see where you take this


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Mind you this was more a

Mind you this was more a "Coming to Jesus" talk, but it had to be done. This shit is real pervasive, will interfere at almost every level of intimacy with a woman. I'm going to make a vid on it for the membership. 


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Really like this post man, it

Really like this post man, it also makes a ton of sense. I caught myself running into something similar this weekend. I was having some really good initial approaches but as the night went on I went from playfully busting balls and having good banter with the women.... To basically overusing it which caused their mood to sour really quickly. 

I didnt pick pick up on it until reading this. Being new to this though I almost think I am continuing to "neg" too much because I probably still have some deep down resentment / anger / insecurities from the past... So in order to feel good enough I have to bring them down.