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Any tips for Dominican chicks? Meeting up with one tomorrow

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Don't have any experience with them besides short flirtations. Any suggestions welcome

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there is a  blog call

there is a  blog called swooptheworld - there are some layreports in DR if you want to kill time. The way I understood that they are more sexual and feminine than US girls. Also like dancing. No experience tho.Pretty sure you'll do well.

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Tell them your name is Papi

Tell them your name is Papi Chulo.

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She was 30lbs heavier than in

She was 30lbs heavier than in her pics, but she was a sweet girl so I couldn't be mean about it.  After she finished her first drink I said, "Oh look its getting to be your bed time, aren't you tired?"  And she said yes that she would leave soon and walk herself home.

This is the first girl in A LONG TIME who didn't look like her pics