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Anyone aware of dude's attempting to use OM "Orgasmic Meditation™" as a tactic to try to get in women's pants?

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So pathetic, haha. But now the whole thing makes sense. Clearly this OM thing is gimmicky I just couldn't figure out the sales angle besides the fact these women were repackaging a sexual experience and selling it to men as a "class", which makes it legal. Lol 

Then I just caught a new student attempting to use it as an lmr tactic to get a woman to sleep with him- who he'd actually met at one of these "classes". And I was like, "Ahh.. caught you you weak chode pussies!" :D

Suffice to say she slept on the couch. Ha! 

I'm not trying to hate on the women participating, at least they are getting to charge their own price for their own sexuality, on their own terms. My issue with it, though, is the massive hypocrisy. These women are taking the same grotesque poetic license over female sexual intimacy as every other vulgar and crass male examination of it. You think this is what women are looking for? A clinical environment where they "butterfly" their exposed nether regions (called "spread eagle" in manspeak) while men they don't know grope their clitorides using such methodology the "1 'o clock position". This is pretty much as bad as it gets as far as objectifying female sexuality. For as much as assorted "female empowerment movements" want to hate on "pickup", at LEAST these men are attempting to bridge the social-emotional-sexual gap. 


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Lol what a fucking scam.

Lol what a fucking scam.