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cuz im gunna. i used to right into this years ago. Although, all you need is the principles manwhore teaches to sweep them all away, there may be patterns to see in what each types responds to best.  it clumps people in categories of very similar ways of thinking. its more just my curiousity and my ingrained habit of automatically slotting everyone into an mbti type.


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So would that be tailoring

So would that be tailoring your responses to what personality type people are? Also a really cool personality breakdown is the whole "king warrior magician lover" thing.

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It's a completely unempowered

It's a completely unempowered "range" of life paradigms. I think it's mostly crap. I have dudes come to me wanting training, we start and they say, "but wait I'm an introvert." I say "Bullshit, keep doing this.." The rest is training reviews history. 


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We did this in our NLP class

We did this in our NLP class where we all had to figure out our personality type. I got ISFP - the artist. Even though at first glance it seems like it's truism, I highly doubt that it is. 

And over the course of our lives the personality type can change to something else, so if you solve the test a couple of years from now you might get a different result. I do agree with Manwhore about being introvert/extrovert.. I used to think I will always be highly introverted but now I see that's not the case at all.

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myers briggs is actually a

myers briggs is actually a good one, and a decent indicator of where you're at atm but i suppose that you can change these things. i keep wondering if being introverted is a trait you're born with or a damage your environment does to you in childhood, and i am slowly inclining to think that it's the latter. but that's pure observation, i've always been pretty social and leading type so i don't know.