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Joined: 09/18/2014

i have to reset password every time i want to log in. pretty sure that i remember what i put in there the last time. it just seems like some weird bug. anyone else experiencing this?

Joined: 01/18/2012
Damn. How long has it been

Damn. How long has it been happening? Are you trying to access old threads?

Once you try to login does it say "Access Denied" at top of page? 


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Joined: 11/21/2017
Yo broski,  This happened to

Yo broski, 

This happened to me for the last few months any time i tried to post on my iPhone. The weird thing is that when i use my tablet to post I’m always logged in and it works fine 

Joined: 09/18/2014
i just go to to the forum and

i just go to to the forum and try to log in without going to specific threads. its been happening for a few weeks, basically ever since i started coming back and the error msg is something along the lines of incorrect password. but i am 100% positive that its the one i reset to (i did this a couple of times, always entering the same thing).