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I recently graduated and got a job in a large city (US) and am making decent money, but I'm honestly wondering how most people get by.  It's $1200+/month for small one bedroom places, which is going to mean spending 30%+ of my take home just on rent and utilities.  Anyone know any renting "hacks" to get decent places on the cheap?  If you offer to pay cash for a full year you think you'd get a deal?  Anyone have experience rooming with randoms off Craigslist?  The idea freaks me out a bit but it might be my only option.  Maybe it's time to get a side hustle going as well...

Fwiw, I've been staying at a friend's place but need to be out by the end of the month.  


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Why are you freaking out over

Why are you freaking out over having roommates? 


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