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Anyone Read "The Art Of Seduction" By Robert Greene?

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Here are some quotes:

"In seduction there is often a dilemma: to seduce you need planning and calculation, but if your victim suspects that you hav eulterior motives, she will grow defensive. Furthermore, if you seem to be in control, you will inspire fear instead of desire." 

"History's first great male seducers—the Duke de Lauzun, the different Spaniards who inspired the Don Juan legend—began to adopt the methods traditionally employed by women. They learned to dazzle with their appearance (often androgynous in nature), to stimulate the imagination, to play the coquette. They also added a new, masculine element to the game: seductive language, for they had discovered a woman's weakness for soft words."

After taking a look through his book for some research on my book, I realized that the "texting styles" I was writing about, which I'd coalesced from "emotional patterns" of communication style I'd experienced over the years, nailed every single one of his "seductive male archetypes". The exactness would be almost unnerving if I was into that sort of thing. Every single one has an exact match, well in a few cases his archetypes share a texting style, same as the actual historical figures he uses to illustrate his points each also share common behaviors. I will say though that in many ways the text manual goes much farther in actually detailing how to make things go down and gain compliance, or what I'd rather call complicity, from her. 


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Guys this shit is so true.

Guys this shit is so true. manwhore is specifically training me to soften my words  and it's actually crazy how playful and giggly it's makes girls. I've noticed that when I relax and smoothen my voice girls tend to move closer to me and often times start to touch me for no real reason lol