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Are women genetically designed to hold off on sex?

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Some men claim things like pregnancy, risk of std's, and the hardship of giving birth and raising children massively influence a woman to hold off from sex. And though they have some effect, the real story is much different from that..

With the majority of men throughout history just being a bunch of bumbling low-value IGNORANT ass clowns running around, yes the above points were a big influence on a woman's sexual decision-making process. Because it was clearly obvious which men were of low replicative value. Being a dirty hairy mumbling scared mess was enough of an obvious signal to women. Now it's nowhere near as clear. Those factors simply do not have the same significance. Not even close.

Pit that against the nature of women's biology- which seems some of you are looking at completely backwards, and it's no contest . Women have MASSIVE sexual biological drives. They're horny constantly.

I'm BLOWN away when some guys talk about a girl's religious upbringing as being a major influence on her sexual decision-making. Did any of you actually go to church growing up? The pastor's daughters, asst. pastor's daughters, associate pastor's daughters were some of the horniest. Lol. I've blown loads on girls faces then read their myspace/facebook profile the next day with quotes such as "I love God with all my heart". Ha! Yeah.. she loves dick with all her heart too.

A religious or otherwise strict upbringing just does NOT cut it. And don't get me wrong, things like "moral integrity" and such DO play a factor. I was raised in church and I was pretty much a square growing up. I never fell for peer pressure. I'd have girls start stripping for me and I'd run out of the room. But the sexual confines of religion and upbringing are simply a false narrative, and do not hold up to reality for very long. I've seen LOTS of girls grow up in religious households turn into very sexual women to the exasperation of their parents.

Women are MUCH more sexual than most people seem to realize. SUPER horny. Remember that most of the media and cultural influences are bent on making MONEY off you. If everyone's getting laid it cuts their profits by what... 80%? You can't sell shit to people living in abundance, you have to force them into scarcity and then convince them happiness will come in the form of whatever product you have to offer.

Western society has been taught that women are sexual victims, and men sexual predators. That men are always horny and chasing women, and that women are the demure ones. That the female body is the object of beauty and sex. This is all FALSE. Women are mirror reflections of us. For every horny motherfucker out there, there's a horny motherfuckerette chasing tail and loving the male physique. For every woman out there ignoring the sexual platitudes of her wannabe suitors, there's a man completely oblivious to the Victoria's Secret ads and the billboards showcasing gorgeous women as he drives by. We're quite similar in sexual nature, men and women exist on the same sexual temperature scale.

Don't put confines on women's sexuality, because that's ALL you'll get.


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