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Asian Chick Doesn't Invest (Compare n Contrast)

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So its finals week. I see this chick, and I am just like wow, I have to talk to her. I basically plan my attack so it puts less pressure around her with people as she is walking.

I go on saying how I thought she was cute and wanted to find out more about her. I get some pretty general answers about what she is in school for and what not, and she invests a bit to find out what year im in and school related shit. I tease her here and there. I eventually realize I gotta go hand in a paper, and tell her to give me her number, she says just give me your instagram. I say I dont do that. She tells me she is a bad texter, and I say thats fine, I like talking on the phone anyways. I grab her number and tell her we are getting ice cream, and ill text her later.
I go through her insta after she gives me it. She is the type of chick where every picture is a picture of her. Very into herself

Compare this one to my other chat with a girl who is investing more:

Me:Yo it's Chase. You're right about what you said before. Mandatory insta check!

Me:Gotta make sure you're not going to put my organs on the black market


Girl:So chase is really ur name ?


Me:It's a real human being name


Girl:Cause when u said check and stuff i was like chase the bank ? Lmao


Me:Now I got it

Me:But I'm actually a superhero part time, no big deal

Girl:Hahah very funny

Girl:So what's ur background

Me:What do you think?

Me:I've got popcorn ready

Girl:Idk just say it lol

Girl:I told u mine

Me:No fun

Me:It's ok it's a lot of different things

Me:But mainly russian polish and Austrian

Girl:Oh wow thats cool

Girl:I thought polish dudes usually stick with polish girls lol

Girl:Just a thought

Me:I'm 4th generation American

Me:Sooooo....I don't think that applies

Girl:Well coming from a hs with many polish yeaa

Girl:Thats cool though

Me:No wonder you look so polish

Girl:Is that a joke..

Me:Hahaha I just chuckled to myself

Me:But you still didn't give me you insta

Girl:Lolol nobody ever told me i look polish so ur lying


Girl:But i thought u dont do ig tho

Me:Obv lmaoooo

Me:I do it for proper background checks

Me:This way I find out you are a normal functioning human

Girl:Wowww u troll

Me:Hate us cause they anus

Me:That's not going to make me like you

Girl:Lmao what do u mean its not gonna make me like u

Girl:I wasnt trying to haha

Me:Ayy we are supposed to be on the same team here

Me:How are we going to take over the world with our American Chinese connects


Girl:Lmfao we are on the same team


Me:Hehe anyways how's your night treating you broccoli butt

Me:Lmfao broccoli butt ?

I call her up
Girl:And why u called before

Me:I told yah I like talking on the phone

Me:And you're texting isn't that great

Girl:Well i did warn you..


Me:If you were busy you could just say so...

Girl:I was on the bus ...

Girl:Its squishy and nasty with all the rain


Me:Yo this rain 'thing' has to end. I'm just going to have to move to Australia

Girl:I know i cant with this weather

MeLYoo I'm nerding out right now but I wanna see Star Wars right now

Girl:Im gonna nap. Had 2 hrs of sleep yesterday

Girl:Ttyl !


Me:How's my third favorite brat doing?

Girl:Lmao im doing good whats up with u

Me:I just got hook up from my food insta

Me:About to eat my way through the city

Me:And do some yoga

Me:What're u up to

Me:It's fine

Me:I don't like your haircut anyways

Girl:I didnt get a haircut ? Lol

Girl:My bad i just woke up

Me:Woah granny
Me: send pic of funny naked guy in a weird position asking whatchu thinking about

No answer. End up calling a day later n nothing

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I appreciate the advice bro

I appreciate the advice bro keep up what your doing ;)

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