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Back in action and diving in with a tinder cutie

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Sup y'all, I used to lurk and write up shit and whatnot but then I got oneitis and got a GF and stepped away from game. I turned into a chode as a man and BF during that time, not my proudest moment. It was good while it lasted but then we mutually broke up back in Feburary.

I enjoyed the single/no woman life for awhile and used that time to really get my shit in order (new job, new apartment, new goals) and am getting back to the man I used to be and hopefully better going forward now that I've found myself.

Anyway I've been wanting to get my game back on, downloaded tinder and have been chatting with a cutie. Figured I'd do my best to regularlly post here and re-read a lot of the material so I can actually get better.

Here's my journey with a tinder cutie so far (Dancer, hippie, goofball)


Matched 7/12/19

7:50PM Me: you seem pretty cool I really dig your peacelove vibes, what's up Melanie?

8:58PM Her: Well hello there

Her: The variety of your taste in music is... superb

Me: Yo I'm glad you think so, it can be a lot for some folks

Me: I took a listen to your The Head and the Heart song earlier, Imma have to check the rest of their stuff out

Me: Read any good books lately miss publisher?

Me: (Sounds like an interesting gig btw)


2:57PM Me: *gif about poking to get her attention*

3:06PM Her: Haha hello!

Her: The Head and the Heart is AMAZING highly reccomend!

Her: and also I'm always reading a bunch of different things, but mainly focus on genre fiction and fantasy

Me: Hey hey how's your Saturday, doing anything fun?

3:15PM Me: Dope to both of those, I read about the same when I'm in fiction land. I'll listen to the rest of their stuff today!

4:08PM Her: Today's plans include cleaning my entire home and watchin Office reruns

Her: but I suppose the only important question based on reading choices now is: Have you read Harry Potter and if so, what Hogwarts House are you in?

Me: Souns like an ideal day! i just finished grillin and doing some yard work

Me: oh yeah that's important

Me: I've read them all (need to reread since it's been awhile) and I am a proud hufflepuff, you?

4:26PM Me: Follow up question, since you brought it up, favorite office episode?

5:05PM Her: Mostly Ravenclaw, but a some-days-Slytherin

Her: and off that's tough. Dinner Party is a classic but there's so many good ones to choose from!

5:45PM Me: Lmao I should've guessed the ravenclaw, slytherin is a surprise forsure though

Me: Yeah, kind of an unfair question but good choice!

Me: Mine is def Michael Scarn *gif of episode*

5:47PM Me: I'm babysitting my cousins dog tonight and my service sucks there, shoot me your number if you want to keep chatting and get mad cute dog pics


Her: And also I'm always down for dog pics! XXX-XXX-XXXX

Taking the convo to text

8:13PM Me: Yo just FYI it's summer so the beard is hibernating a little bit

Me: So you don't feel like you're catfished ;P

I tried to facetime her with the cute pup but she didn't answer

Her: Sorry, currently at work!

Me: all good I was gonna introduce you to the little guy

8:17PM Me: Off anytime soon? If not I'll send you a pic to hold you over lol

9:34PM Her: Late night, such is the life of the restaurant industry!

Me: *pic of a freakin adorable dog*

Me: Sir William

Me: I get that, I served a little bit before I moved


9:33AM Her: Sir William is.... A Star

12:26PM Me: When you try to sleep in like a gangsta but someone has to pee *sends pic of cute dog askin to pee*

1:29PM Her: Getting woken up at 12:26pm doesn't count as sleeping in?

Me: That's sleeping in but not gangster level sleeping in like 2 or 3

Me: important distinction *sunglasses emoji*

No reply so I left it for a bit and then opened like a little bitch

9:14PM Me: Hey do you wanna grab coffee at cafe reggio sometime this week? i just remembed I've got a break from classes this week

No reply so I wait a couple days to let her forget about my gayness


Me: *Harry Potter Meme* lol calmly <-- referencing the meme

Me: What's up Melanie *upside down smile*

No reply because I just suck so I let it wait and try to throw a hail mary text fter browsing the forum for some balls to borrow


3:50PM Me: Look lovely girl, I know you're scared. Meeting strangers is risky business, but you'll get though this I swear! All fingers and toes intact. So are we going to meetup or should I just delete your number?

Then hallelujah!

5:22PM Her: HELLO!

Her: I'm SO sorry I am The Worst at responding to people who are not my mother or my best friend and I've been crazy busy!

Her: I give you points for persistence and would love to grab coffee or a drink! the downside is I'm also booked through this weekend *cry emoji*

Woah she is actually into me now that I'm a man

7:32PM Me: Heyo just got out of work! (And to a work family dinner so my replies may be slow)

Me: Wow you're alive! Alright, I forgive you (just this once ;-)) because I get being too busy to reply except to your mom I do that too or she'd go crazy, especially being so far away.

Me: Plus I love her lol

Me: Lmao I'll take the points, you may be giving a lot though, I'm a man of many talents ;)

Me: *cry laugh* Booked this weekend? lmao lame excuse! Are they holding you hostage at work? Booked for a sensual reading of pride and prejudice? At least give it some creative effort, what's got you so booked? lmao ;P

Me: On the real though, that's awesome and sounds like a plan. I'm free wednesday and friday unless you're up for a later start after my tango class on Tuesday or Thursday. How's your schedule?

Her: WELL the aforementioned best friend will be in town and it might be a little rude to leave her to suffer the hundred degree weekend alone!

7:48PM Her: BUT I just found out she won't be getting in until Saturday. What's your schedule looking like tomorrow?

10:59PM Me: Just got out of work family dinner at this super italian place with no signal.. perfect for mobsters Lol

Me: Awe you are just the friend someone would want to have, nobody should suffer in this blistering heat alone forsure. but it's fortuitous how it's working out! I'm off at 7 tomorrow and am good to get together after that

Her: yay! Any particular place in mind?

Me: I'm down for either (park and live music in manhattan) or (cool bar and then an arcade brooklyn plans)

Me: I'm leaning toward the latter so we can talk and vibe more but both are a blast so which one tickles your fancy more?

Her: Hmm I'll actually be getting off work right near the park so want to grab some ice cream and see what we're up for afterwards?

Me: Sounds like a plan!

Me: I know mercury is in retrograde but this is working out well (<-- lame text on my end maybe?)

Me: Anywho I've got to hit the sack, I'll catch you tomorrow to iron out the details

Me: Sleep well chica

Today 7/19

5:01PM Her: Hey! Let me know where you wanna meet whenever you're off :)

Me: yo yo!

Me: I'm bored as a blind kid at work and so ready for the park (thanks mw)

Me: Let's meet on the west side of the fountain, that's my favorite side!

Me: I really thin you would appreciate how we're entertaining ourselves at work right now:

Her: And how is that?

Her: Also which side...... is the west side

Her: I am bad with directions

Me:  A chick here has a friend who loves Harry Potter having a bachelorette party soon. We are making a Harry Potter dubstep mic for the stripper to strip to XD

Me: Luckily for you I'm a human compass!

Me: The side closest to W4 is the west side

^Kinda lame but whatever we're almost home free


Her: And ah good to know!


That's everything!!

So we started off really well when we first talked, I coulda been more fun though and definitely could've been more attention grabbing once I got to the dog stuff, I really wasn't having a convo with her, I was just sending her dog pics. And that probably turned her off, especially after having so much more energy from the get go. Not to mention the facetime while she was at work probably didn't help since the energy from the beginning had such a gab and she had time to cool down. It might have came across as weird but that was an honest mistake, she told me her plans were cleaning and watching TV all day I had no idea that she would be at work. I could've saved myself by asking if she was finished cleaning in a funny way first. gotta remember to check a chicks availability while talking and having fun.

My follow up texts were also schoolboy LAME and gave her absolutely no reason to reply especially in her busy schedule.

After browsing the forum the last text I sent I sent her as a Hail Mary is what saved me from being another lost number in the cellphone (IF she even saved it). The last text showed her that I'm not giving up and I'm definitely going after her but if she moves along it's pretty much her loss in a super high value way that probably got her to double take when she read it after being texted by a gay boy for so long. It was upper game that I probably wouldn't have sent without reading up first and it definitely got me out of my comfort zone.

When she finally replied, my follow-up game was in the right mindset and energy and was the same level she was used to. I said I forgave her, just this once (false threat for her to up her texting game or I'm outta there. I also talked about my mom as well and that showed her I wasn't just some dude looking to fuck. I have a mom and love her too. The second text "Plus I love her lol" is prob what did the best job of that.

Then I called her out on being busy so we could figure out some logistics for the weekend. It was fun/funny and gave the same energy as the last reengagement text, that I want her and we gotta talk this out! What sealed the deal though (even though she was already down) was the very last text there about being on the real. Again i'm not just the funny guy, I can be serious and I really am excited to get together with her. I'm guessing since she says she texts her best friend religiously that she knew when her best friend was coming in town but she decided she wanted to get together before next week and squeezed me in. This could be just chance though.

Plans talk was plans talk, I abbreviated it, but I was pretty specific in suggesting. Showing I'd take the lead and know exactly what to have to do to have a good time but letting her choose so she could be more comfortable. She wants to play it by ear and we definitely can since everything is pretty easy to get to. I'm guessing she wants to play it by ear so she can decide while we hang whether or not she wants to bail or bang after ice cream lmao. I'll have to bring my A+ in person game and convince her.

Also I totally coulda poked more fun at her over the directions and been better with the compass line, but I wanted to play it chill since I was making up for ground and she's already baked.

Will keep you guys updated!

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There's zero sexual

There's zero sexual communication here, bud. Then you get passive aggressive when she's just not that into playing fetch with the cute neighborhood dog anymore. Ruff ruff, Hufflepuff.


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