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Joined: 06/18/2015

Hi, I was on here a few years ago glad to see it’s all still going, back then I got with a girl younger than me by 12 yrs (I’m now 35) so I ended up doing all that for 4 years until a few weeks ago I ended it as she’d started pissing me off too much too often.

Probably a year too late but anyway now I’m re-familiarising myself with everything, working through the Best Of thread here for starters, and as daygame stuff is off to a decent start (couple girls at work, one I met at a bar) my post is more to do with the supplementary online stuff to keep the options open wide.
I’ve an opener for pof etc that gets a lot of replies but it's a bit hit and miss transitioning, well more miss. It's about how she looks like trouble and probably have me outside a bank etc (better in full) and gets a lot of responses esp at the weekend, but most replies are too short like “nice one”, “that was great” etc. Or just lol/emojis. Though sometimes I get “this is totally me how do you know this” which is longer and obv easier, anything with a bit more length I can work with.
It’s worked fully properly once with a Barbados girl who I met up with but otherwise chats keep fizzling out. Then my reply was something like “I’m sure our first date won’t end in a heist, just a couple of drinks what could go wrong” and I think it was lucky as she was a chatterbox.
I was thinking of perhaps totally changing direction so whatever she says just put something like “what you up to this (day), I’m building a table for my decks, come help” (somewhat inspired by a link on Best Of obv...) broken up into maybe 3 texts.
Only prob I foresee is it sets me up for a reply of ”No” or "I'm not into construction" or some such thing plus it’s a bit trite with that what you up to vibe. Maybe I should pick a different opener but it just works so consistently at getting an initial reply.
Must say as well even just reading through the Best Of thread a little already has my mind a bit more mentally in tune, so big up to Manwhore for all your advice and work.

Joined: 06/18/2015
Probs better manners to put

Probs better manners to put the actual opener given the amount of free content on here.

It's well field tested, works best on pof which I prefer to the other apps.

"You look like you could get me into trouble, before I know it we'll be outside a bank wearing balaclavas me looking at you as my hand shakes holding an uzi thinking well (name), this is a fine mess you've gotten me into"

Also I'm doing better tranisitioning from their replies as I've been reading through stuff on here again. Cheers