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I wanted to do a quick write up of how I banged one of my girly friend's friends that she brought to a party at my house. It was cool experience because my game was a lot more laid back and stealthy than I'm used it.

So my buddy and I were on the road for a few days for spring break and we decided to stop by my place while the house was open and throw a party. I sent out a killer text to about 15 people or so but my bum ass was so last minute (smoked WAY to much pot earlier that day) that only a few people could make it. It ended up being six dudes (we were all traveling together the next morning) and two girls. This was super lame, but we made the best out of it.

I knew that with six dudes there was going to be some competition for pussy, especially when drinking was involved. The game plan was not to be the loudest and put on a show, because others may look at this as AMOG'ing and I just wouldn't want to annoy my friends like that. I had to be extremely calculated and come across high value enough that I stood out from the rest in HER mind, without drawing too much attention to myself.

To start, it was my house so I already had some extra value in that sense. What I did with this girl was keep our interactions very short throughout the night, yet powerful, then go off and do my own thing. My girly friend introduced me to her when they arrived and that was about the height of my charisma. Atter that, everytime we spoke I just playfully teased, teased, teased. This was done with super sexy eye contact.

"You look like you date REALLY ghetto dudes lol"

"Ohh you're one of those crazy party girls from (college)"

"you roll with (friends name), yeah you're trouble"

"Are you a social justice warrior!?"

At one point a few of the dudes do this polar lunge and we go swimming in some freezing cold water. I get up in her grill just wearing my boxers. I act super aloof as if i'm some hot girl showing off her boobies in a low cut shirt.

As the night goes on I notice one of my friends is putting on a show for these two girls. He's been in a commited relationship for a while and is outspoken about his own sexual frustration. He runs some REALLY good game on some girls just to satisfy his thirst lol. It's not even an AMOG thing, he just really enjoys it I guess. Now, in the past I always try to match his level of charisma and we just vibe back and forth. This time, I realized that this was not even needed. He wasn't a threat to my game whatsover, so I just chilled back and let him entertain all of us.

We went outside to smoke a joint and my buddy just talked, talked, talked while I stood there with my arm around my girl and we laughed and smoked. I make my first real move at sexual escalation and pick her up claiming I am going to do a WWE wrestling move. We went inside and at this point everyone was getting pretty crazy. I started getting super sexual with my friend. I have a way of framing my own sexuality as high value, while still being modest. I was asking her about girls squirting, and let her know that I think I almost made it happen last week. I act super interested in the subject of the female orgasm, and then go on to talk about how I like when balls are included in blowjobs. I looked over and notice that I just set up a really good scenario. My sex talk prompted my friend to start telling my girl a story about a party we had in his apartment, he has awesome story telling skills by the way. He goes on to tell her about how I got a blowjob on his couch while people were walking by lol. At first I was thinking that this could be my downfall, but I realized that he framed everything really well in the story and just made me sound really awesome as if It was a situation that just fell in my lap (ha!). She was visibly turned on by the story!

At this point it was game over. All I had to do was escalate. Somebody is puking in the bathrrom and everyone huddles around to help, I push her out of the bathroom and start making out with her. Then I push her away and leave. I start cleaning up the house because it's getting late but I make a point to find her every 5 minutes and kiss her. The night goes on, and it ends up being just me and my girl and another friend of mine (single friend) and my girly friend. We are shooting the shit in the kitchen. There is this strange awkwardness because nobody wants to be straight up say lets go to bed. I know that I am the one that will have to act. My friend asks me if I have paper towels to clean up some spillage. At this point I know that it is time for a diversion! I say "here yah go DOOOOOD!!" and throw them across the room. I look at my girl and we dissappear like batman and catwoman into the bed room. I talk to her in the room, and I let her know that we need to give the other two some alone time. This takes the pressure off of the fact that we are about to bang. We start making out, I take my dick out, and we BANG. We bang hard and someone comes in and tells me to shut the fuck up because i'm being TOO LOUD!!

She stops at one point and says, "Hey I knew this was going to happen by the way you were looking at me all night." LOL


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Joined: 03/27/2013
HAHA wow I had a long week.

HAHA wow I had a long week. This is written at like a 6th grade level and I can't edit! I apologize 

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Eye eye eye contact

Eye eye eye contact babbbyyyy

Lol yaya meowza. AWESOME STUFF

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Meow wrote: HAHA wow I had a

Meow wrote:
HAHA wow I had a long week. This is written at like a 6th grade level and I can't edit! I apologize 

I fixed that. There was one turdball I didn't want going back and attempting to hide "evidence". Feel free to update it to 8th grade level ;) 


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