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Hello guys.
I wanted to make this post for some days now because this aspect caught my attention.

Long story short..i have banged this 19 yr chick from tinder the last month or so and from nowhere she cuts me off big time not responding to my texts and shit.

So besides the fact that i knew she would leave the country for school this year to study abrod +some big daddy and personal issues Her answer was:

"Look Andrew,we are both mature enough to understand that out thing wont go too far.I felt a bigger closeness from your side and i decided that we should end it now then too late.I will leave anyway soon.This is one of the reasons.This and the fact that i have to concentrate on learning.My future depends on it.I m glad i meet you and maybe i acted wrong,i m sorry,but i m having a hard time lately in my life.This is what i decided to be better for us.I prefer to be considered egoistic then imature.You wanted a got a good one i think.I m sorry if i made something to affect you badly."

So she said it like i was crying after get or something...which is not the case.I was fuckboy pretty much all the time...and went out with her 2 times or so.I m not the guy that wants to fuck a chick and dumb her out of the house:))i do this in extreme cases only...but if she is cool...we chill.

What do you guys make of this?

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Ur being a female. Stop being

Ur being a female. Stop being so close. This is solved by always focusing on increasing your lay count, one of the only truly objective measurements of skill. 

You should be getting bored of chicks pretty fast, I do and it’s all because I know I can get more and more and more, and the more I bang the more I want. Great life. No attachments and everything is as it should be, meaning I am not a fucking bitch faggot scaring girls away with excessive closeness. Be a good guy but don’t be talking about ur inner demons or texting them every day.

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Yeah you're exhibiting

Yeah you're exhibiting scarcity you need to have more going on. That being said I've maintained fuck buddy and casually intimate relationships for years with girls. Infinite is just incredibly emotionally immature and can't create anything with a girl past friction on his dick. Hopefully some day that changes for the better :\


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Joined: 06/23/2016

Yes.i think that is a sticking point when it comes to mentaining a casual relationships.

I tend to fall slowly into the bf frame im her eyes and that does not serve me well in the long run.Also not great for the female part.But also i like being how i feel with a chick when i feel like it.i will try to engage less on a weekly basis after we fuck.
As for scarcity ,i felt it hard after the breakup ...i accepted the feeling and started to work harder in this direction.

Also,i tend to feel a little jaded lately because of the breakup and shit...and i m aware of it...maybe thats why i tend to be more cuddly with women.But also I dont want to be numb and not feel a women s energy and play with it.

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Hey man, obviously we are

Hey man, obviously we are short some context here, but given how this read it seems like somewhere along the way your dynamic with her changed. Maintaining those types of things isn’t easy, I’m working on it now with 2 girls and it’s a lot of little scenarios that can sink you quickly if not handled properly 

if you are internalizing a bunch of post breakup shit though, you got handle that business first, otherwise you will continue to just self sabatoge even if / when you find a purely “friends with benefits” scenario 

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OP tbh ANYTHING is better

OP tbh ANYTHING is better than falling into these horrible roles with girls. 

I was never too bad with this part, but I did fuck up too. Maybe not to the point where girls would run away but to the point where they would try to take certain liberties. The harsh reality is that you don’t know who a girl is until she’s sure she has you. 

She can never ever be sure. As an instinct a lot of guys want the girl to know he’s not going anywhere and shit. They are scared she will leave at the end of the day.

”High Value” = Girls are replaceable at any moment. You’re not scared they’ll leave. You don’t fear rejection (which is why guys don’t approach enough anyway) you don’t fear being left, you don’t fear anything at all when it comes to women because you can always get more. And you have other stuff going on as well. All this is because you feel confident in your ability to get what you need in life. That’s pretty much the whole deal.

All that shit you feel in scarcity is what girls need to be feeling, not you.

Man up pussy.