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Better frame of mind, better text game. Some improvements here I believe..

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So I been working on my inner game and outcome dependency and I find because of it I feel overall awesome. Like nothing could upset me at all the past day or so. It's such a good feeling to have. I'm starting to feel that I'm coming from a place of abundance when talking with girls by just making a few changes and trying out the exercises Manwhore has posted. Big thank you to everyone that's been helping, I needed the kick in the ass to get going and sort of crack down on my weak spots. 

Anyways, with this new mind set I been trying to hold frames better and just game and practice my texting whenever I get the chance. So here are some convos below that I had today just to show my minor improvements and changes based on the problems I been having. Self-improvement is a big thing for me and I take it seriously, so I plan on getting better any way I can each day until I master this. Bit of a perfectionist.

Girl #1 (Not too interested in her, just practice) -

Me: How's my 3rd fav brat doing?

Her: I am not a brat and 3rd?

Me: You're a total brat and yes, third. Whatcha gonna do about it *devil emoticon*

Her: Wow rude. I'll fight you *punch emoticon* *sassy girl emoticon*

Me: Can you even reach my face? (She's pretty short, I'm 6 feet tall)

Her: Yeah!! *talk to the hand emoticon*

Me: Get real! Maybe with a stepping stool

Her: You suck

Me: You're the only one that's gonna be sucking when I'm done with you :P *flex emoticon* 

Her: LOL oh really? You're crazy


Girl #2 (Going to set up a day 2 with this one, Pretty attractive, She texted me first)

Her: Gooooodmorrrnnning

Me: Afternoon sleeping beauty. You should try mornings sometimes :) 

Her: I hate mornings

Me: I hate you

Her: :(

Me: You gotta learn to love them, who's going to make me breakfast after a long hard night of sleeping and fooling around

Her: I could ask you the same thing!

Me: I'm willing to take turns except.. I'll make instant oats. I expect a full course breakfast from you.

Her: Ew no wtf. You get what you put in!

Me: Oats, cinnamon toast crunch and a quickie before work. Final offer.

Her: Hmmmm idk, I'lll have to think on it. Does sound pretty good

Me: I'll throw in a free glass of OJ to rinse your mouth with after ;)

Her: LOL you're terrible

Me: :) Off to work


Girl #3 (A friend of mine who was out at the bar with me last night, she's pretty cute, I'd date her but it might be weird not really worth it to me)

Her: Holy fuck I drank waaay too much last night

Me: I don't know, I thought you were doing okay, I've hands down seen you worse hahaha

Her: Hahahahaha everyone says that to me. It's the win, I feel absolutely wasted but apparently people can't tell I think that's a good thing to me

Me: Well you were definitely drunk, just not super wasted like I've seen :p I'd say you were 7.5/10

Her: Hahahaha okay good, I'm glad I wasn't participating in the topless cage dancing

Me: I have to say, it made myself feel a little pervy for watching.. I loved it! Those chicks were pornstars in the making..for sure

Her: Hahahahahah yaaaa that was bad. Who the hell does that in a bar

Me: Don't judge me, it was one time. Damn you Jose Cuervo!

Her: Hahahahaha Jose is the woorrrrssst, last time (Friend's name) and I drank that, we blacked out

Me: Puh-lease. I wrote the book on blacking out, me and my badass bitch 151 go waaaaay back ;)

Her: Hahahaha oh my god is that why you're taking a break from alcohol (I don't really drink alcohol anymore)

Me: It might have something to do with it.. I do have a tendency to get redneck drunk every now and then still..

Her: Hahahaha yeah me too, no worries. We should chill soon, I miss seeing you guys!

Me: Yeah for sure. My schedule clears up next week. What kind of trouble are you causing today?

Her: Come dt saturday? Haha! none, knitting maybe!

Me: I have my uncle's wedding reception, raincheck. I said trouble, not grandma hobbies..

Her: Hahahaha nooo trouble! 

Me: Slow day. What fun is that missy

Her: Hahahaha it's my day off! :)

(She laughs a lot..)


Girl #4 (The girl I have now lowered off the pedastal, trying my best to frame this one, felt I did better this time around. Original girl from my first thread)

Me: So I totally miss you and wanna see you buuut this dumbass security guard won't let me in the zoo..Can you escape? :P

Her: I think I'd rather stay in the zoo :)

Me: Alright, but when I bust into that cage with you, try to behave yourself ;)

Her: Oh hmm I won't have a problem with that

Me: I'll bring the bananas you little monkey 

Her: Mmm bananas are good lol

Me: Poor taste miss. Only lathered in chocolate in my banana split are they good

Her: Nahh that's poor taste, plain banana waayy better

Me: What do you know about taaste. I'm the Iron Chef here

Her: I may not be an Iron Chef but I definitely know taste since most food is amazing!

Me: I won that challenge before it even started. Jeez, first the beer belly (inside joke) and now the binge eating..

Her: Food is amazing and I have a fast metabolism

Me: Okay piggy :p What's your fav food

Her: Stir fry!

Me: Not too shabby. My go to for a cut

Her: Haha it's sooo good

Me: Have you ever had pad thai? It's unreal (Seeding the day 2 set up here)

Her: No whats that ? 

Me: So you can have any meat you want, then it's flavored accordingly. There's noodles and veg too, some sauce also

Her: Damn that sounds delicious

Me: We'll go once you start warming up to me. That "Alex Anxiety" fades :)

Her: Keep telling yourself that :P

Me: Don't be too surprised when it happens. Your taste buds will love me

Her: Oh I'll be surprised if that ever happened!

Me: You're in luck. I'm full of surprises. I think you'd have more fun than me

Her: Haha oh okay :P Anyways, I'm gonna go to sleep, night!

Me: Ah, slowly warming up to it, told ya ;) Night! 


All in all, I have to say I've made some improvements compared to where I was coming from. At least I hope. Even if I haven't I can slowly feel some changes taking over and it's awesome. I'm feeling great, doing great. It's all uphill from here! Loving the reference points..

Hit me with some solid feedback fellas!


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar

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Joined: 07/22/2014
Any critiques? Areas to

Any critiques? Areas to improve? 


"Veni, vidi, vici." - Julius Caesar