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I went on basically an instant date with this girl from my campus. I met her and walked with her around campus while being physical and such, then walked her to her car and she drove me around. I'm still new at dating so I didn't have a plan, never gone on instant date like that and so she drove me around but we didn't know where to go and she said "we're not going to my apartment" a bit, but I basically just kept it flowing and such but I didn't know where to go but we ended up walking around some place and then she took me back to campus since I had to get picked up by my ride. Overall I think it went well but we took some pics so like an hr later I texted her:

10:00 Me: thanks for the detour! :) can you send me our pics

10:04 Her: no problem! It seems like I accidentally deleted them.. Oops! :)

10:07 Me: Wow

10:13 Her: Kidding I just look terrible in them, the lighting is so red

10:17 Me: aw don't worry about that, I know you look beautiful :)

7:30 Me: I like silly photos but if it's that bad we can take better ones

Yeah that's it.. I read the text guide but for whatever reason I didn't think it through very well when I sent these texts. I was thinking of calling her and trying to setup another date but I'm not so sure about that idea either so before I do anything I'd like to hear what you guys think


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Yeah you got to lead holmes.

Yeah you got to lead holmes. A girl hanging out with a dude who can't figure shit out is going to see he's missing the point of the whole thing. A guy's indecisiveness will become hers. You needed to come up with ANYTHING to direct things. Even if it blows, or you walk up to the door and it's closed, play off it and keep leading. Yes call her or text her up, and be ready and upfront with a plan or activity to do together. 


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