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I met this girl on tuesday outside a bar. She's friends with another girl I know. We had a group hug and i told them we were all getting icecream the next day...

The next day i texted her:

me: Hey xxxx, nice meeting you last night. For the record, that was the best grouphug I've had outside xbar all week- Alex
her: Haha glad to hear :) It was nice meeting you as well

I havent texted her back, im not sure what to say. I dont know anything about her. My friend's throwing a pudding wrestling party on tuesday so I want to invite her to that but I'd like to get some convo going first
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Re: Blonde Stunner
Naw you want her alone not at a pudding party with OTHER girls there.

Standard text game you already know what to do don't hesitate. "im not sure what to say. I dont know anything about her." That's you being a fag in your own head. Kill it and get to work

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