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Met this girl on tinder probably over a year ago now, she was only a few weeks here from Brazil.  We hooked up once and never hung out after that. I think she got too busy once she got a job at a brazilian restaurant, then she got a boyfriend sometime last year. Shes been posting a ton more on snap chat now all without her boyfriend. She was at a bar I used to frequent partying with friends then next day posting sexy pics, so I figure shes looking to mingle. 

I messaged her and we go back and forth a bit, I tell her how hot she looked that night and dropped what little portuguese I know. She says I already had my chance. I went for the meetup - I'll take second chance when you dont have a shift this week. she says she wouldn't because she has a boyfriend.

me - ay dios mio i dont think a boyfriend could stop me *devil**smirk* 

5 min later: besides I had no first chance since you ran out, leaving me in my soaked mattress 

her: hahahahah stop!

What do you guys think- one too many ha's in there right

now what do

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Yep looks like a go.  I'd

Yep looks like a go. 

I'd assume you would catch more flies with honey with this girl than a more hardcore approach but some teasing and obviously mixing in the flirting will do you well. Tell me more about the vibe between you two. 


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Joined: 04/20/2012
Kewl, I guess talking about

Kewl, I guess talking about the soaked mattress edges a little on the hardcore side. But really we were both pretty stunned/proud about it. I wish I had more to report, the snaps get deleted so I was going off memory. When we hooked up it was a super quick tinder lay. Got her to meet me at the subway station near my place, walked back flirting and when I got her home she was already down. Great experience but she did seem a bit taken back by the whole thing afterwards so she seemed like she was in a rush to get outta there. Made me wonder if she already had a bf back then. 

So yeah. Super flirty and fun. She says things in a hot sweet accent and I make fun of it. I would have been down to chill more but both then and now she doesn't see my personality, just a local dong