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Breaking Away from Formal Frame with a Christian Girl

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Long story short, on college campus, I approached a girl taking notes about the Bible. I asked her what she was doing and wheeled the conversation in a rapport-building direction, which in turn, she asked me for my number. There weren't any teasing or jokes, but I could tell she enjoyed our conversation. 

Brief note about the opener: Usually I do a call back humor but since there wasn't much humorous content in the previous interaction. I went with a non-superficial complement. 

(2:31 pm) Me: "Nice chatting with you, Jennifer. I can sense you have a lot of fascinating things about you :)"

(3:00 pm) Her "Haha aww thank you! It was great meeting you :)

After this text, I wasn't sure how I could wield the interaction to a more flirty and comedic direction since the elements weren't present in our intitial interaction. So, I sent her a random text to seed curiosity. 

(5:22 pm) Me: rofl ur funny

No response. She clearly had no clue what I was talking about. So to salvage this interaction, I told her that the text was meant for someone else. 

(7:16 pm) Me: Just noticed that the last text sent to the wrong person. Sorree

(7:35 pm) Her: Haha no worries! 

With these considerations in mind, how should my text be with her? Given that the only layers that existed in our interaction thus far was just engaging rapport conversation with little to no humor. I have a feeling if I try to be funny, she will find me incongruet and a try hard. 

I'm guessing my best bet could be continue the interaction through text the same way as I did initially. Although I'm atheist, I might even try pretending that I'm a Christian, and talk about God with her and somehow setup a 1on1 bible study with her as a way to bait her into an interaction with more sexuality, humor and so fort. 

Let me know what you guys think. 

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Lol don't veen know where to

Lol don't veen know where to start with this man.

Manwhore has a great article at the top of the forum. 19 rules of text game. Start there brotha

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Dude just be straightforward

Dude just be straightforward about inviting her out somewhere to hang out with you, and be flirty and physical with her and go for a kiss. See what happens from there 


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