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Breaking through resistance and getting the meet up!

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Okay, so a little background about this situation. I matched with this cute chick off tinder that I had met before, but we never really connected. I ended up sleeping with two of her friends a couple years back. It's been a while since then, but this chick immediately has put up resistance to any advances for a meetup. After some time I eventually got her number and this is the texting conversation we've had.

Me: (Funny meme, talking about how girls pose with no ass on instagram)

Her: Is that u (light shit test)

Me: damn you caught me. How do you pose?

Her: like that

Me: so you're saying you have no ass

Her: yep

Me: your responses are boring. send me memes. (called her out, mixed in with a lighthearted demand)

Her: I'm just admitting I have no ass, I do however do my squats

Me: Well that sounds more like a work in progress. Id have to examine these squats to see how effective they are. (I do personal training)

Her: I do hip thrusts too 

Me: yeah theres a really great partner version of that exercise (-: (because I can never pass up an easy sexual reference lol)

Me: so what're you doing tomorrow punkin

Me: (30 min later with no response) oh now youre silent when it comes to real life interaction, huh! (once again, playful persistance of calling it out. I don't think she would have responded if I hadn't)

Her: no i'm studying for my exam hahahah but tomorrow I just have class and work from 11-6

Me: Where are you taking me for drinks after you finish responsibilities (baiting for her to chase)

Her: lolol where do you like to go

Me: I'm not entirely too picky. The village idiot under my apt works (good logisitics, close to my bed)

Her: do they accept really shitty fakes haha

Me: Im sure they do, seeing as half of their employees probs use shitty fakes on the reg

Her: okay lol bc I dont turn 21 for another 4 months

Me: your secret is safe with me lil munchkin

Me: but 7 is when ill be free (framing meetup under my terms)

Her: okay that'll work

Me: what do you like to drink? My friend gave me these bottles of wine but I dont know shit about it (seeding a reason to go back to my apt)

Her: mmmmm what kind of wine?

Me: 2 types of red fruit blend and I also have some champagne

Her: They're probably really good 

Me: If you behave tomorrow we can try some ;P (being an asshole to see what I can get away with)

Been practicing my texting a lot recently and have started to realize these patterns that girl are constantly projecting. I'm trying to find the right balance between leading and when to just sit back and chill. any thoughts or criticisms appreciated. My plan is to maintain this leading frame and keep it light and flirty. When is the best time to qualify myself in these situations?


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So looks like things are

So looks like things are working out? Not bad methinks. Seems to me like she feels qualified to meet up with you now that she's expressed the fact she doesn't think she has an ass. Lol


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