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So, today I was on a date with an HB9 I had number-closed a few weeks ago (I had been out of the country). While we were walking down the street, I see another HB9 I was with 2 days ago!!! Out of all the 10 million people in fucking London, she has to be walking down the same street and coming from the opposite direction...

Anyways, although I felt a bit awkward, I didnt hesitate at all. As soon as I saw her and made eye contact, I said hi and kissed her on the cheeks. I told the girl I was with to give me a minute. I then asked how she was and tried to set up a movie date with her on the Friday. She told me she had a networking event (She mentioned it on Monday). Then I said that we'll text and make it happen on a time when we are both free... Then I said that I didnt want to make her late for her class (she was on her way) and that we'll talk.

Now the girl I was actually with was completely clueless. I think she thought that she was just an acquintance. She didnt ask, and I didnt mention it, but we spent another hour together, and I am sure she didnt think anything about it.

As for the girl I was with on Monday, I could feel she was taken aback and a bit confused. She didnt show it, but I could fucking feel it. Now, what I am worried about is how this girl perceives me after this. I had number-closed her from a direct approach during daygame, so I am pretty sure she has guessed that I had got the other girl the same way. How bad is this? Will she think I am a complete player now? I know this sounds partially gay, but it has never happened to me before LOL. I havent texted her since this happened... 

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Allow it to showcase you as a

Allow it to showcase you as a boss, don't be ashamed of it whatsoever.. even if you flubbed it with this girl because of lack of experience.. start embodying that ideal. I've pulled a girl in front of another girl I'd been talking to, it only made her more determined to hunt me down and fuck me. Yes some of the younger girls are put off by this, but don't slow your roll for inexperienced girls. 


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