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Pickup Coaching
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I've had about big 5 parties with over 100 people and i thought i'd share this with you guys...

First off, you don't need to have 100s of friends but just a couple of them that have hot female friends. Tell them that you are going to throw a party (can be outside, in a dorm or whatever) and that they should invite their friends. Then i create a private facebook event and invite around 50 people, and my friends invite their friends so in total we invite around 200-300 (or less if you want to). Out of these 300 usually 100 or so will come.

Since it's a private party girls will feel special for being invited and also alot more open and social. And since you're the host you will automatically have value. You get to meet alot of hot girls and also expand your social circle. Win win

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Yeah if you're the one

Yeah if you're the one throwing the party you should be the one with the hotties on your dick


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if I could I would just do

if I could I would just do this and never cold approach.