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Pickup Coaching
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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Oh so i guess yall are just

Oh so i guess yall are just getting owned by people and don’t do anything about it

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They remake this shit every

They remake this shit every year I saw it five years ago lol


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Daddyjihad1 (not verified)
Fiddlesticks :/

Fiddlesticks :/

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Dude what's so special about

Broski what's so special about this. You and I were ethering each other 10 times over with the confidence-testing drill I created 


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I know you guys are tired of

I know you guys are tired of hearing 

my pimp fascination and cheerleading

but one thing I really respect about pimps is they roast eachother all the time to keep eachother sharp and to test their strength of really, its just something they do so there are no weak links on the chain and to exploit any weak links by knocking his hoes later on lol 

No hard feelings, no violence, just pure Game.

I used to not be able to take a roasting past a certain point, now I want to be roasted and to roast