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RSD is basically the community now a days. They teach alot of non sense that has no relevance to actually getting tangible results. I owe exactly zero of my successes to them. All along I had “it” in me. They just made me take 7000 differently detours which slowed me down.


One of the worst things about them is how Tyler talks down on you from his tower of superiority. He makes you feel like a loser. He attaches things like having a strong sense of what you will and won’t accept to being “reactive”, while simultaneously paying lip service to being strong and having boundaries.  Theres a lot of double talk and implicit bulllshit in what he says and basically the whole purpose is to make you think you need RSD. They don’t help you. 


Another one is “morality”. Never once does he mention how to really sit in your power as a man. Everything is walking on eggshells. Of course, it’s  okay to yell in the club and act like a clown for self amusement, but if you tell a girl to buy you a drink or dinner or are too much of a dick, omg you’re being “win/lose”. Tell a girl to fuck off because she’s being manipulative and you’re being “reactive”. 


The fact of the matter is that they TRAIN you to walk on eggshells, becuase the STRONGEST subcommunication of all is when you ARENT ACCEPTING of any bullshit. That’s the biggest lesson. If you actually become strong, you don’t need RSD anymore. I actually became weak trying to adapt to RSD teachings. I thought I was being too hard. The fact was I wasn’t. I was fine. I just needed to go out a lot more and focus on compliance. 


Guys who get laid alot don’t give a shit. They actually think that a girl who’s giving them a hard time is stupid because she’s missing out on a quality dude. Why would a guy whos got a lot of women stand for some random girls crap? That doesn’t make sense. Any guy who does that is either faking the funk or using only money and status/clout to get girls. Look at tekashi69. Fucking loser. His babymoms is a cunt and he’s up her ass like a good doggie. Taking out Sosa’s babymoms and buying Gucci bags? Straight sucka. No game at all. He’s basically paying 4000 dollars to fuck girls local bums and hood niggas get for free.


Same principle applies when you’re out there and some girl is puttin you thru the wringer. Token resistance and objections are fine. Being nasty to you, disrespect and mind games are not. But RSD takes all this as “shit tests” and makes you feel like less of a man for not tolerating it. For not “plowing”. The subtle message is that the girls can do no wrong. Total lack of accountability. Total nice guy shit. Just packaged as “game”. 


I say the following, if you’ll let a girl punk you out and keep getting at her, you will let your friends do the same and still be cool with them. That makes for a weak man and weak relationships/friendships.


Don’t let soft garbage and weakness packaged up as “morality” limit your game and drain you of your self respect. Be a fucking man. Losing the girl isn’t the worst thing.

Everytime you succumb to community “morality”, you are compromising yourself and letting a girl tell you what to do. This is wrongheaded and ultimately self defeating.
its weak and disgusting.






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Pretty solid post, mate. 

Pretty solid post, mate. 


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Joined: 05/20/2018
Thanks man. Funny how

Thanks man. Funny how consistent results makes you actually embody the concepts rather than just trying to think your way into them thru pretending. Doing the right stuff and attaining the 

results is far superior than endless inner game theories hoping that it’ll somehow give you the knowledge on what to actually do.