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Convo with tinder girl - how to respond to girl saying she's not a tease

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Here is tinder convo that lasted hours from like 5:30 to 2 am. I need somewhere killer to go with this (seems like I’m finally at a make or break point with this chick), it's kind of long but if you think you can give just like on the spot advice skip to the end. If you’ve got time I’d appreciate more specific over general feedback about the convo and where things went. Thanks. Enjoy.

(Regular type is me bold is her)

-Sup u want to be a lawmaker or a law bender?

(she's in law school)

-If the latter's the case I think I'll be robbing a bank tonight if you want a piece I could use a getaway driver ;)

-Oh wow haha that's intense

-We will use our loot to buy ice-cream sundaes muhahaha

-With extra sprinkles!

-U in?

-Hahaha even if I wanted to, I can't participate in illegal activities (;

-So you want to eh, that's all I need to know ;)

-Send me your phone number so I don't have to keep opening this app. 

-I'm an adventurer!

-Oh noooo

-Noooo? what?

-I'm not giving you my number yet

-Haha is that after were married and off in the sunset sweetie

-Come watch the fight tonight!

-This tinder thing kills my battery.

(32 min later) - So you never answered. law maker or law bender?


-How can you be from France and have no French accent

-Highly suspicious

(it says on her profile shes from france but "sorry boys no french accent")

-Wow you never stop

-That skill translates to many areas

-What kind of mischief are you gettin into tonight


-Oh wowwww so inappropriate haha

-I'm actually just studying. What are you up to?

​-Getting work done on a Saturday night, how very mature of you;)

-You don’t become a lawyer overnight (:

- I’ll just be watching the Mayweather Pacqiao fight with friends, don’t mind if you come by later on a study break

-I would know…hah I’m aiming for medicine myself, going to make my grandma very proud J

-I hear there’s tons of drama in law school

-Like summer camp you made out with my boyfriend drama

-Your freckles are just a gawd dam turn on fyi

-Haha that’s very specific!

-Oh thank you I guess? Haha

-Your welcome, they go well with the ambition too, what kind of law are you interested in

-IP and corporate

-What do you do?

-Almost done with a masters in physiology, going to apply to med school and hopefully be a surgeon

-How far are you from Georgetown

-That’s pretty cool. I’m actually graduating law school this may.

-I’m far.

-You pay for half your cab fare and I’ll pay for the wine ;)

-Haha I’m not coming to see you

-That’s how this works yah dork

-You haven’t said one nice thing about me, learn some manners sheesh

-I mean…cute jew fro? (:

(Bitch, my hairs not curly! But that’s besides the point)

-haha getting better :) add me on facebook so I know you’re not a man/sociopath, tinder makes me nervous

-The names X.

(7min later)…

-Did you find me

-You’re a little quick for me haha I didn’t have time yet

-I didn’t know they let the slow kids finish law school

-You’re not really earning any points there lol

-So did you find it yet


-I want to see you before I got out

-Do you cook, that could earn you mega points

-And that’s actually a compliment if you think about it.

-Since you are finishing in May

-I’m not adding you on Facebook haha

-What is your perception of me since we starting chatting at 5:43

(it’s now god dam 11:07 who has this kind of time holy shit fuckin texting)

-You’re cocky

-And witty

-A little pushy

-Funny though.

-What do you think of me?

-I know that you are an adventurer, a lawyer

-A little nervous to take chances

-But at least tempted to break the law sometimes

-You have beautiful eyes and a radiant smile

-But are likely not a cook since you didn’t answer that last question ;)

-Oh I cook and bake haha

-ugh gotta go watch the fight

-You could say I’ve almost been seduced


-We’ll that would’ve been easy :p

-What is your phone number

-I’ll text you during the fight

-I don’t to be on tinder and look lame infront my friends

-Don’t want*

-infront of*

-Hurry up!

-Almost there

-Haha I’m not giving it to you that easy boy

(11:25 pm) -You need to earn it

(1:12 am)-Hahahahahah I can earn it. Tell me your address.

-Wait I’m hungry, do you have food.

-So creepy haha

-You say you can cook but you need to prove this to me ;)

-You’re literally trying to invite yourself over

-You have to at least have like a pb and j amiright

-You’re probably very drunk

-Haha I don’t know if I’m gonna come for sure…

-3 beers deep nigga ;)

-Oh but I’m sure I don’t want you over

-Come meet me out we can keep arguing

-Over alcoholic beverages.

-Hop in a cab and tell that driver to put his car in gear and step on it, “breadsoda on Wisconsin ave!”

-Hahaha I didn’t even know that place had alcohol. And no I’m not coming (:

(I think dis bitch just likes turning me down b/c she knows I like it)

-But you smiled, so you want to another time


-What’s your schedule like this week, I’ll be studying all week as well

-You’re too cocky for me lol

-I have many facets to my personality I’m really not

-If I told you I used to poo my pants when I was younger

-would that tone things down enough for yah

- It definitely grossed me out I dunno if that was the goal

-Haha or that I couldn’t make the basketball team in middle school


-I didn’t make the cut it’s embarrassing okay

-What kind of guy do you typically go for anyway

-Lol that’s cute

-I usually go for smart sarcastic guys. Cute too. Also tall

-Confused that sounds like me - the tall part

(supposed to read: ‘minus the tall part)

-But tall is relative

-A relative term*


-I usually go for women that I can annoy in person

-When are you taking me out this week

-I’m not (:

-Are you just a tease

(30 min later)-Lol no

Alrght negros I feel like this is a make or break point in the convo and my brain is fried at this point and I've got some other life responsibilities calling. any help would be appreciated. 

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I think you should go through

I think you should go through this, helps for me to go back to basics too:

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Any thing to  respond to the

Anything to  respond to the "Lol no" at the end?

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Continuation of earlier, took a note from Patrick Bateman here:

and was able to tone it down a bit. Think it worked in my favor but not sure if I'm wasting my time, would appreciate you're thoughts:

(3:36 am - not the best text I know spare me) Me: Lol come over. 

(4:22 pm next day) Me: Hah whoops I may have been a bit tipsy

Me: How's your Sunday been treating you

Her: "A bit"

Her: It's been about studying. How's yours

Me: Same here, learning so much about motor neurons

Me: Thought you'd take some time off, you have finals or something


Her: Yep finals and papers

Me: Ahh the life of a student

Me: And yea a bit was completely sober txting you before I went out haha

Me: What are you up to later

Her: Well still studying for finals and papers. Haha

Me: That's cool. Well if you wanted to grab a coffee and a meal, I wouldn't say no

Her: I'd've loved to but I'm really too stressed out to enjoy anything right now :/

Me: Haha are you on a bunch of adderall or something

her: Hahaha no I don't take anything

Me: Yah, right

Me: No illegal activities hah

Me: I remember

Me: What's your favorite destress mechanism

Her: What is that?

me: Mechanism? 

me: Nerdspeak for method I guess Hah

me: How do you de-stress*

her: Oh never mind I didn't understand haha. Uhm it's sex lol. What's yours?

(gonna go out on a limb and say she's interested at this point - how would you guys handle it from here? Here's what I tried... )


me: true

me: Where do you live again

me: I personally like wine and a movie ;)

her: Wine and a movie is almost as great (;

me: you have any good movies

her: Not really! Do you?

me: I don't even have a tv

her: Why? haha

me: Not sure just never really occurred to me

her: Mmh

me: Netflix life until I'm a Dr. and can pay for the finer things

her: Hahaha

Me: I'm not the worst company in the world you know, I'll come over later and we can watch a flick and de-stress

Me: How's that sound

(honestly feel like I'm banging my head against a wall at this point)

her: I simply can't! I don't have time to watch a movie haha

me: Tru, when's your test

her: Tomorrow morning, Wednesday Thursday and Saturday

me:Gawdd, we do block scheduling

her: Hahaha yep

me: Hah well we'll have to meet up sometime and plan out how I can get away with this bank robbery, JD ;)

her: Right right (;

Think that's a good place to end, thinking I will go Bateman style with a re-engagement after my exam on monday...