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Met this girl after finishing up some volunteering early. She was outside taking a break from hairdresser school and we chatted for a bit. She seemed pretty interested and for some reason it was one of those convos where I was super over the top cocky funny, in an almost satirical way. I continued doing that in the txt convo too. Probably too much.
Me: WanderingSoul
Me: Nice meeting you. You’re def the slowest coke drinker ever, lk granny status
Her: [laughing/crying emoji] nice meeting you to lol
Me: Girl, bet you still drinkin that coke
Me: How was the day? Anyone move their head on accident
Her: Lol
Her: And my day was fine wby?
Me: No ground was gained w that response, let me try and pick up the slack for yah dork ;)
Me: I had an awesome  day!!! Read about how chiropractors suck(part of my neurology research) and am saving books/the world at the library
[took this from a Bateman post, although this girl wasn’t responsive to it, perhaps it’s just  a different scenario, maybe she wasn’t hooked in enough at that point]
No response
Next day
Me: some Ryan Gosling meme thing
Her: Lol your silly!
Me: Ugh, you forgot dreamy and modest
Her: Wow…Lol
Me: You’re totally drawing hearts around my name in your notebook ahora mismo
Her: Your mad conceited, [some disapproval face emoji]
Me: I’m a product of divorce culture. My bad ;) so whatcha up to
Her: What does that mean??
Me: …What are you doing right now?
Me: I’m chillin w a bud from high school right now
Her: Nothing chillan with my home girl..What does divorce culture mean?
Me: That I get care packages w shit skittles instead of m&m’s
Me: …you’re very curious about this
Her: Lol yes like I didn’t get what it meant I still don’t lol
Me: I wouldn’t about it
Me: And no worries, they just drained the lake so I stopping looking at my reflection
Her: Wow!
Me: Hope you know I joking btw, arrogance is almost why I didn’t for my career path
Me: Enough arrogant assholes there already
Her: True!
Her: I think your joking?? Hmm idk
Me: Trust me , I am
Me: What’s your sched this wk? Gotta get you outta hairdresser land
[ I needed to play this out more, instead of going for the meetup right after semi-getting her approval]
No response
Next day
Me: Class was amazing today…[insert meme about falling asleep in class]
Her: Lol I’m sleepy!
Me: Pssh, what a newb ;)
Me: Whatcha get up to today?
Me: I watched game of thrones and played w my friends dog, soooo awesome
I figure, I’ll leave a voicemail tomorrow and re-engage. I was thinking of re-engaging her w AP_Grappler’s Bill Clinton, When are you free, North Korea meme thing, but that would just be repeating the above mistake again. 

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Ok yeah this is another

Ok yeah this is another example of you actually having good dialogue with this girl, you're actually getting her emotionally invested, and then you don't lead it in the right direction. Once again if you actually read and respond to her dialogue you can actually get this going in the right direction and get these girls out, mang. 

Also the whole "no ground was gained with that response" was like hitting a peach tree with a bazooka. WHY?! Lol 

You want to start looking to create rapport with these girls while still maintaining the playful cocky edge. That's the winning combo at life with girls. By handling things the way you are you're drawing attention to the disconnect between you two, rather than closing the gap, or better yet assuming there isn't one. 

What's this North Korea meme? Post it please

Her: Your mad conceited, :|

Me: Only the good ones are. How's your day going, buhbee? 


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Over...gaming....this is like

Over...gaming....this is like watching a kitten frolicking in the lion den