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Yooo! So i want to hear about you guys' experiences/ stories you've heard in regards to manipulative husbands. Mainly i want to know where the relationship has led to between the husband and the wife till this day. I'm just curious because about 5 months ago i met a smoking hot momma in her mid 30s at the bar. The kind of woman you go out with, most guys act super weird around her and some want to pretend to be my friend to get close to her.

Anyways her husband had an affair with a coworker that lasted 5 months and ever since then she wanted a break from him. We've been hooking up ever since, and i've had a few encounters with him lol... Needless to say the guy showed his crazy/needy side over time because he realized that he fucked up. This made her distance herself from him even more. I remember her and i hung out one evening, i shit you not the guy called +95 times over the course of THREE hours. As far as I know the worst thing he's done so far was send her a selfie of him with a kitchen knife to his throat talking about "i've dreamed of doing this if you leave, on the day that i go this will be a clean cut"

In the end he succeeded in making her feel trapped because they have two kids below the age of 6. I just came back from a 1month vacation and we decided to take things a step back as of last night. According to her he's been even crazier and I didn't even have to be there. I don't see her getting out of this relationship any time soon, but i know she wants to

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Damn I've never dealt with

Damn I've never dealt with that before. Lol. That's fucked up 


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