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TESTIMONIAL: Cultivating of the Inner Beast and The Taming of the Latin Lioness. (MW Coaching Review)

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Its amazing that one can shift their belief system and behaviors with a talk and some drills. John did this for me.

Its almost like he gave me permission to be a man... He set up paradigms knocked down pillars of limiting belief systems and built a tailored plan of attack for me all with humor, playful teasing, and clarity. I was fun talking to John. He cares.
I'm your stereotypical nice guy ... You've heard the story many times so I won't bore you with the details...
It was time to cultivate the dragon.
I started my coaching with John in one of the biggest transitional periods of my life. New job, New city, New roommates. I was floating in a sea of indecision and non committal actions. I was afraid to upset anyone in my professional and social life. I felt like jelly.
I was waiting to see if the water was the right temperature instead of just saying " FUCK IT! I'm going swimming. and I'm gonna have a blast jumping in splashing  around and make some waves. 
First night out:
I approached a cutie who I had met at a local health food store.
I had nailed the basics John went over with me and she was like putty in my hands within the first 2 minutes.
 Me:This guy is dancing way to hard and is going to spill his drink on you come over here. ::I slid my hand down to the small of her back and guided her to my other side::
I was dominant and didn't wait to get the green light from anyone. I felt free.
I got her number and she texted me before I could get a chance.
I was leaving the next day and told here I'd be home for the holidays.
3 weeks later SHE texts me to see if I was in town...
I took my dominant attitude to work and people responded to me differently.   It was understood in command of my tone that what I said simply, was...
It was awesome. 
I was taking more of a lead and forging a path instead of waiting around to see if things were safe.
Its amazing what a 2 mm shift can do in every area of your life.
John showed me you can take control of your inner world and write and rewrite your world anyway you want.
The Latin Lioness
So a weird thing happened on this coaching.
I had been in pursuit of this woman and wasn't really getting anywhere. 
This woman is intense and has an intimidating presence about her. She is from the Bronx model height, carmel skin, and dresses to kill.
 I've been out with her at bars and seen her disembowel men who've approached her.
I wanted her bad. Every guy did. Beyond her intensity and rough exterior she had a deep well of creativity and femininity.
To make a long story short.
I made shit happen.
There is no WAY I would have or could have gotten a woman of this caliber of woman if I had just brought my nice guy side.
After I had just yanked her by her belt close to me she tells me,
Latin Lioness: You know how to handle me. If you were just a sweet guy I would get bored of you. I like your aggressive side.
What a huge and amazing leap and by far my biggest take away from this program.
It shows that with proper guidance if you take control of your inner world and make small shifts in what you do in the exterior world it's the difference between getting that girl, dominating at work and feeling like a man in charge of his life at the end of the day.
MUCHO! Gracias!

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Awesome dude, lol. You show

Awesome dude, lol. You show that girl who's boss! :p


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