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ok so I met this girl at my college campus and we hit it off, and I got her number since she had to go to class. Heres the breakdown since that point:

Me: Hey 

It's breakthe chode

Her: Hey

Me: My signal sucks here at work and I get off at 6. Are you doing anything later

Her: Ya I'm at my barn right now and then I have plans later tonight with some friends

Me: Getting in some horse back riding? Haha Okay ( call-back from earlier when I met her )

Her: Lol yep I have a show this weekend

2 hrs later* Me: Better jump high then lol

1 day later* Me: Hello

10 hrs later* Me: Want to get lunch

1 min later* Her: Hey I cant I'm leaving for my show for this weekend

Me: Oh I figured it wouldnt be until later. Okay good luck

Her: Thanks!

2 days later* Me: How was your show?

Her: It was really good!

Me: Great, care to tell me about it over some coffee Tuesday night?

Her: I would but I work Tuesday night

Me: Oh.. when are you available

Me: I work too, so I can only meet up like after 7pm

Her: Ok I work until 8:30 but then I have to study for a test. And I cant Monday night cause I have workouts and ** and I can thursday because I work late and I might go on a social but I might be able to Wednesday after my lesson.

Me: Ok well wednesday is good for me :)

Her: Ok I'm not sure when my lesson will be yet but it shouldn't be too late

Me: Yeah np I don't mind staying up too late either, so yeah just let me know

Her: Ok

2 days later* Me: Hows it going!

1.5 hrs later* Her: Good! How are you?

Me: Great :) do you know about tomorrow yet?

Her: Kind of I think I can meet you around 730

Me: Alright that sounds like a good time

Her: Ill let you know if anything changes

Me: Okay *thumbs-up*

1 day later* Her: Hey my lesson got cancelled can we meet earlier?

Me: Hey im getting off work soon, is 630 good?

Her: yeah that would be great

Me: ok lets meet up at the union

Her: ok

Me: I think im going to be a little later like 5 or 10 minutes tops

Her: ok thats fine

Her: im over by *** when you get here

Me: Ok almost there

Her: ok


So first of all I meet her, and she tells me she only has an hour and im like ok thats fine. We walk around campus and talk and Im a bit nervous and I tell her, and we just have like normal conversation, and farthest I physically escalate is like crossing arms with her while walking next to her and hug her bye.

2 hrs after date* Me: I think the drive was longer than our date

Her: Oh that sucks

Me: I'll try not to hold it against you :P

1 day later* Me: Ugh I hate writing! I have an essay due tomorrow morning for theatre ><. Might have to stay up late gah


Alright men, as I wrote this I realize it was boring as shit and I feel like the only good part was my vibe before everything when I first met her.

There was a really good connection there but I think I just messed it all up due to my inexperience, idk if she'll reply back to me.

Lol I'd like to see if theres anyway to salvage this or if maybe Im not as bad as I think I am.. 

Im like head over heels for this girl, she is so fucking gorgeous. Ugh. 


Time for change

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Yes to confirm your

Yes to confirm your suspicions it is god-awful. Lol. First off your texting is killing attraction because you can't even have a conversation, the whole thing is you coming out of no where with these meetup attempts and it wreaks of a dude that can't carry a conversation in real life.

Read this:

The date was terrible, she didn't have a good time. Why would she meet up with you again? 

If you're head over heels for a girl WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU ACT LIKE IT!? You hang with a girl that you're that into and it doesn't bring out the best in you? Fucking ew dude. Shape up and untuck your balls. 


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Joined: 05/29/2013
I know :(

I know :(


Time for change