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Me: Hey XXXX,
What is it you like about street bikes? I kinda get the fear nothing vibe from your tatt forsure.. it looks nice but painful.
Her: /13/2014 8:52:01 PM  haha idk i have a need for speed. i am fearless ( except I don't like cliff jumping) but anything else I will try at least once
Me: /13/2014 9:03:01 PM  nice. me too. its funny how everyone lately has the need to convert fuel into noise as efficiently as possible with bikes. i blame sons of anarchy :-\
me:  my friday actually ended with a two hour tow truck ride.. so much for fear nothing lol. how was your weekend?

please critique, i was just trying to bullshit with her. what am i doing wrong. Any suggestions for how i should have first responded? 

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Hm you seem to have a few

Hm you seem to have a few things going right. Interesting little tidbits and commentary, but you need more attitude. Got to challenge a girl let her know you're that kind of guy. That gets things spicy with a chick and she appreciates that. Anything else isn't quite good enough to get on her radar. Plus just remember the longer and more platonic your messages, the more you're sacrificing that sexual "edge". 


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